5 Frugal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is no more than a month away, and if you haven’t thought of a gift for your mom, wife, or mother-in-law, you should start planning about what to give for that very special lady of your life. For a unique yet frugal present, here are some gift ideas that could save Mother’s Day for you.


1.       Indulge Her Green Thumb

Mother’s Day flowers are kind of cliché, but moms do love them. For a more unique present, drop by your local gardening market and pick up flower seeds that mom can plant in her garden. It is much cheaper than a bouquet of cut flowers, plus she can enjoy the harvest for years.

2.       Fancy Home Dinner

Waiting for almost two hours in a lobby of an expensive, filled-to-capacity restaurant is probably not your mom’s idea of fun and celebration. In this coming Mother’s Day, stay at home and prepare mom a special dinner of her favourite dishes. Play fun music and celebrate altogether in the comfort of your home.

3.       Go D-I-Y

Do-it-yourself gifts are always cost-efficient, and they are the best way to get everyone in the family involved, including the little kiddos. Create a coupon book, filled with gift certificates redeemable for services like a week of laundry, a full body massage, a shopping spree, or a makeover. You can also create a “memory book,” containing old family photos, tickets from movies, concerts, and travels that the entire family has been to.


4.       A Day-Off

Being a mom is a tough job. So let mom have her well-deserved break by having the family pitch in and do all the works she does—cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cooking meals, and all the little tasks mothers always do. An even better gift? Up the ante and reward mom a week-long day-off.

5.       Home Video

Put together a short video that includes messages for mom, an entertaining number from the kids, and a short appearances or dedications from the relatives. While this can be a bit time consuming, a home video really makes a great frugal Mother’s Day gift. She will surely love the surprise and the effort you put into making this heart-warming present.

Mother’s Day is the only time of the year when we get to celebrate and acknowledge the greatness of our mothers. Like how our mothers care for us all their lives, let’s return the favour through well-thought gifts that aren’t just bought by money, but thought and made from the heart.


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