5 Unique Wedding Banquet Ideas

A stretch of viand for a wedding buffet is a trend in the past. Today, you’ll dig into a larger table of canapés and desserts, enjoy culinary fixes from sushi carts and food trucks, or even fix your own personalized cocktails and treats. Experimental chefs and modern couples are coming together to make wedding food rare and exciting for the guests on their wedding day.


Here are a few ideas for your banquet on your nuptials.

1.       Get Brunchy

Brunch buffets are perfect for morning weddings. This is a classier and more economical option since you’re cutting a meal out. From egg stations to pancakes, truffle burgers to croissants, there’s an array of options to choose from. Plus, these foods can be enjoyed anytime of the day.

2.       Tasting Stations

A tasting station is great if you want to provide a unique food experience to your guests. You can have a popsicle station and a satay and otah tasting station to match your outdoor or summer-themed wedding. Add a stretch of cool cocktail drinks to complete your banquet.


3.       Go Fresh

Think farm to table. If you haven’t gone totally organic, you have not gone 100% fresh yet. Instantly win the hearts of your guests by going light and good-for-the-health options on the menu, such as green salads and fresh fruits. With more and more people today choosing vegan, weddings are also becoming health-conscious affairs.

4.       Dim Sum and Sushi Delights

A dim sum buffet allows guests to try different dim sum fillings without filling up. Have several carts of sushi and dim sum wheeling around the venue or installed from corner to corner. If possible, ask your caterer to pair your dim sum fare with sake shots.

5.       Rustic Buffet

The food here is usually family style, depending where the couple is from. If you and your spouse-to-be are from different places, your wedding is the best time to display your unique culinary offerings. From tribal food to homemade honeys and jams, humble local delicacies make a classy wedding food fare.

Sure, weddings are formal events, but who said you cannot experiment and have fun with unique banquet banquets? With these banquet ideas, your wedding will surely be an astounding affair that your guests will never forget.


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