8 Foods That Will Wake You Up in the Morning

We’ve all believed that coffee is one drink that can wake us up in the morning. While it can really give you an instant energy boost, its effects doesn’t last long before we reach for another cup. A healthier alternative to this though, is to consume energy-boosting foods that will definitely wake you not just in the morning, but in any time of the day.


1.       Eggs. There’s one good reason why eggs are typically eaten at breakfast. This protein-filled food is what gives you energy that will last throughout the day without really weighing you down.

2.       Apples. Swapping your morning cup with an apple will not just make you feel awake, but full as well. The natural sugars found in apple will give you your much needed energy without giving you a rather hard come down.

3.       Bananas. With potassium and vitamins packed in one food, eating bananas early in the morning will help in stabilizing your blood sugar, while filling you up. Basically, bananas are a perfect snack alternative for your afternoon cup.

4.       Oranges. Oranges or any other fruit rich in vitamin C helps the body convert fat to energy, which is why orange juice is a great morning beverage alternative for coffee.


5.       Whole Grains. If you’re considering consuming carbs for your breakfast, then turn to whole grains. Unlike processed grains, whole grains are capable of giving you the energy you need to get through the day. For a great breakfast meal, mix whole grain oats with apples and almonds.

6.       Almonds. Aside from being a brain food, almonds are also a great source of protein and good fats that aids in stabilizing the blood sugar and giving our body enough energy.

7.       Kale or Spinach. Basically, almost any green leafy vegetable that’s packed with iron can help in boosting your energy levels. For a breakfast that will surely keep you going, go for an egg omelette with kale or spinach.

8.       Greek Yogurt. Instead of flavoured yogurts, enjoy the probiotic benefits and stable energy levels provided by plain yogurts. Give yourself some good energy boost by mixing in some almonds in your snack.

An energy boost is really important to start your day, and with these healthy and energy-boosting food alternatives, you can already skip on taking your daily cup of Joe and enjoy the aforementioned foods instead.


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