8 Smart Food Swaps for a Bloat-Free Tummy

Bloating is commonly caused by consuming too much sodium, poor digestion, and even your period. Luckily, experts said that this can be avoided if we only pay attention to the foods that we eat and make smart food swaps. So, be bikini-ready with the help of these eight bloat-busting bites.


1.       Water with Lemon. When you’re bloated, understand that your body is retaining water to keep you from being dehydrated. Drinking water with lemon is a good way to help your body in flushing the bloated feeling, and with lemon acting as a natural diuretic, things will be done faster.

2.       Pineapple. Eating some pineapple slices after a meal works great in preventing bloating, given that the enzyme bromelain found in the fruit aids in digestion. So next time you crave for some tasty dessert, opt for pineapples instead.

3.       Grapes. Dubbed as a laxative food, grapes work wonders in regulating the digestive system and in reducing stomach irritation. Other than that, it also reduces the uric acid levels in the system, and keeps it flushed out.

4.       Avocado. With its high potassium percentage, avocados help in reducing the chances of experiencing bloating by not retaining the excess water in the body


5.       Watermelon. High in water and low in sugar, watermelon is the ideal refreshing snack that can get rid of bloating. One slice of it only contains about 100 calories, so you can already swap this healthy fruit with your 100-Calorie Snack Packs.

6.       Asparagus. Similar with lemons, asparagus is also a natural diuretic that is loaded with fibre. Moreover, adding asparagus to your diet can also help you lose weight faster, given its high nutrient-to-calorie ratio, while reducing the chances of experiencing bloating.

7.       Yogurt. Yogurt has been one of the known keys to beat bloat. With all good bacteria found in it that helps with digestion and protecting the stomach, yogurt is a perfect meal or snack swap.

8.       Peanut Butter. Niacin, one of the main ingredients of peanut butter, is also a huge help in improving digestion. If you’re considering to stick with peanut butter though, do consume it in moderation and if possible, stick to all-natural options and organic brands.

We’ve all felt a little puffy several times in our life. Regardless if it’s caused by water retention, or our period, bloat can be easily dealt with by sticking to good food choices and living a healthy lifestyle. So, every time you feel bloated, just eat any of the aforementioned foods and watch how that puffy feeling wears off.


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