An Introvert Woman’s Guide to Dating

Contrary to popular belief, not all women are born as social butterflies with the overwhelming guts to walk up on a guy and start a conversation. Truth is, some of us prefer to keep things to ourselves, and this is the reason why most men often think that we’re just so full of our self, or that we’re not that interested on them. So to level the playing field of dating between introverted and extroverted women, we’ve put down a simple guide on how the shy girls can score in the romance department.


1.       Give Off the Right Vibe. If you’re out with your girls and trying to attract a potential suitor, then do make yourself more approachable by changing up your body language. As much as possible, avoid constantly checking your phone or crossing your arms as it will only make you look like you’re bored or uninterested. Instead, sit up straight, survey the guys around you and don’t look so closed off to the rest of the room. That way, you’ll look more open and available for conversation.

2.       Think of Several Conversation Starters. While you may be capable of starting a conversation, there would really be times when your nerves can make your mind go blank. A good way to prevent this is to think of several go-to topics that you can serve as your conversation starter during your actual date. Preventing awkward pauses will also help in keeping you from looking incapable of socializing and insecure.

3.       Choose a Familiar Place for Your Date. Being in an unfamiliar environment is another thing that can cause you to have trouble in opening up. Remedy this by going to a place where you feel most comfortable and where you’re able to be yourself, such as your favourite coffee shop or bistro. You may not know it, but your environment can actually have a huge effect on your behaviour.


4.       Use Your Shyness to Your Advantage. Having a timid nature doesn’t have to be a character flaw. In fact, your rather reserved demeanour can come off as sexy and mysterious to some guys. While you wouldn’t want to keep him completely in the dark, keep him guessing enough to lure him in.

5.       Show That You’re Interested.  While men should do 90 percent of the work in dating, you should also play your part and contribute to the remaining 10 percent. Give him some clear signs that you’re also interested in him, such as wanting to hang around every now and then. Remember, being shy doesn’t exempt you from the 90-10 dating rule.

6.       Be Honest. If there’s one thing you should never ever do when dating, that would be pretending to be something that you’re not. Let your guy know that you’re a bit shy so that he won’t see your timid nature as a sign of disinterest. Just ensure that you explain everything with confidence so that it won’t be seen as a character flaw.

For an introverted woman, dating can be a very stressful event. But keep in mind that it’s not enough reason to change yourself just to find a guy who’ll accept your timid nature. Remember, you are who you are, and if you’re an introvert, be proud of that.


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