Blunders to Evade when Buying a Car

How wonderful it would be purchasing our first car. We are settled and convinced ourselves that we need a car. Now is the time that we purchase it. We are ready to take the plunge but we have to be wise about this.


There are different blunders first-time car owners commit when buying a car. We have to know these blunders so we can evade it. Here are some blunders:

  • Pay entirely in cash: We do not want to be indebted so we try to pay entirely in cash. We do not even want to pay monthly for the mortgage. Experts say there is nothing wrong if we pay it entirely in cash but it is not recommendable. If we are buying an expensive car, it might alert authorities as we are a potential mark for money laundering activities. We can use our other money for investment purposes.


  • Neglecting test drive: We are so excited to buy a car that we forgot to test drive it. We should insist on taking it for a spin before finally making the purchase. The test drive can give us many things about the car like the brakes, steering, handling and engine.
  • Being nice: This does not mean that we should shout at the car salesman to give the best deals but sometimes being too nice can give the salesman an opportunity to prey on us. We have better chances of negotiation if we are firm on our decision. The trick here is to weaken the bargaining of the salesman. We should not feel embarrassed.

Hopefully the things mentioned above can lead us to a wiser choice.


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