Bring Back Your Old Self: How to Take Care of Scars

When we encounter an injury, burns or wounds, our body’s natural mechanism is to protect it while it heals. We should be thankful for that but some people are never satisfied of the outcome because of a rough and visible scar. Worry no more because there are specific things that we can go through to make our scarring less conspicuous.

People who experienced a lot tend to remember their horrible moments when they see the scar. It will surely worsen their feelings. If this is the case, we should learn how to lighten if not totally eliminate our scar or the scar of our loved ones to finally be happy. Here’s a list:

Apply a lemon juice

Lemon is a famous remedy for freckles, skin discolorations and scars. Lemon juice is easy to find and it is simple to perform. Look for cotton, immerse it to the lemon juice and dab it to the scar every day. If we can see any improvements over time but we are not that satisfied yet, we need to continue using it.

Apply lotions and creams

Our next hope lies in lotions and creams. We should look for lotions and creams that belong to the family of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) like Glycolic Acid and Lactic acid. They help exfoliate our skin and eliminate dead skins thereby hastening new skin growth.

If it can’t be helped, it is time to consider chemical peeling

If we are not satisfied with lemon juice and lotions, the last thing that we can consider is chemical peel. This procedure is expensive but very effective when it comes to lightening or even eliminating visible scars. Many sessions are required depending on the degree of the scar. We should ask for a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to be sure.


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