4 Products to Use as Highlighter Alternatives

Finally decided to try out the whole strobing trend, only to realize that you don’t have any highlighting products ready? No problem! By keeping these great highlighter alternatives in your beauty stash, you no longer need to rush to your favourite makeup shops and drugstores just to purchase your good old highlighter.


1.       Petroleum Jelly. Although it may not look like it, a petroleum jelly can actually work wonders in place of a true highlighter. Simply rub a tiny bit of the jelly into your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes to bring out your features and make you look more awake. Just remember to use a very small amount, so you won’t end up looking oily all over.

2.       Eye Shadow. Not only is it great for adding colour into your lids, your favourite eye shadow is also capable of playing the role of a highlighter. With a fluffy brush, apply a nude or champagne shadow on the high points of your face. To achieve a more natural look, we suggest that you use a cream eye shadow. Just don’t forget to blend it well, or you’ll end up with some weird shimmering specks all over your face.


3.       Facial Oils. Want to have the dewy, glowing skin that highlighters give? Then use your facial oils as an alternative. Simply apply a few drops of your facial oil in your fingertips and gently massage it into the areas to be highlighted. Another good thing in using facial oils is it’ll moisturize your skin while giving you the glowing skin that you want. Pretty much a win-win use for you.

4.       Concealers. Apart from being perfect for concealing your facial imperfections, concealers can also serve as an excellent highlighter. Opt for a concealer that has a bit of shimmer, and dab them into the areas that you want to lighten up. Just make sure that you blend them well enough to avoid concealer streaks from showing.

With these excellent highlighter alternatives, you can now jump into the highlighting bandwagon without having any worries of running out of your favourite highlighter.


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