Unconventional Ways to Get a New Job Fast

Even if you’re ready to undergo a career change, understand that finding a new job in Singapore takes several months. In fact, your search might be extended due to issues like awful interviews and cover letter mistakes. Nevertheless, don’t get discouraged. Career experts say it’s possible to shorten your job hunting period using some unconventional methods and the internet. With this, it’s now easier put your résumé in the right hands.


1.       Sign Up for Email Alerts

When you have lots of cover letters to write, scouring through job bulletin boards on a daily basis won’t be an option for you. This is the reason why career consultants recommend letting technology do most of the job hunt. Websites like SimplyHired and Indeed aggregate job listings from all over the web, and all that’s left for you to do is set up email alerts (with your exact specifications) on these sites, and let all the leads come to you.

2.       Upgrade Your Résumé

Ditch your old résumé that’s full of ‘responsible for’ statements. Instead, add letters of recommendation, testimonials from your LinkedIn profile, annual performance reviews, as well as emails from happy customers to make your résumé stand out from the rest. Just ensure that your accomplishments are clearly written and are at the front.

3.       Present Your Ideas to Your Potential Employers

Want to land your dream job? If so, pitch your best ideas to hiring managers and CEOs instead of looking through job postings. Another way to do this is to create a job market where you are the only candidate. Research the needs of the companies you’re interested in, then study about how you can exceptionally fix their problems. Once you’ve figured out your elevator pitch, get your ideas into the hands of an executive who might hire you.



4.       Ask Hiring Managers Out for Some Coffee

Put networking sites like Twitter and LinkedIn to good use by finding and connecting with people who work at your favourite companies. Although it may seem intimidating to meet with these people for the first time, knowing their insights will surely help in significantly improving your application – and you’ll already have someone rooting for you from within the company.

5.       Send a Personal Note

If you’re not planning to send your job application to a recruiter’s or a hiring manager’s email address, then a good old-fashioned snail mail is your best choice. But instead of placing your résumé in a stale legal envelope, mail it along with a nice card and envelope.

Most people associate small envelopes with invitations or thank you notes, and your potential employer will definitely be smiling expectantly as he or she opens the envelope. Just ensure that you write something like, “Thank you for reading my résumé” on your card.

Now that you know the unorthodox ways on how you can easily find a new job, ensure that you put these tips to work on your next attempt to land your dream job.



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