Hiring People with Mental Illness?

Employers know who to hire and not to hire. Equality and non-discrimination in the workplace is important here but when people with mental illness walks in our doors seeking for job, giving one is a tough decision.


Persons with Mental Issues (PMHIs) are not simple to hire. However, the employer can overcome it by making some effort and receiving support. The good news is that there is an increasing number of employers who have taken this huge step to hire PMHIs.

The Institute of Mental Health supports Job Club. This is a service that prepares the PMHIs for their employment. It does not end there because the institute also support PMHIs through job placements.

Job Club works diligently with employers to help and support PMHIs so they can achieve their best whilst in their workplace. As of the moment, Job Club is working with more than one hundred employers from retail, cleaning, administrative and food and beverage industries.


The good news is that these employers successfully integrated PMHIs to their workforce. Aside from Job Club, there are also other organizations with the same goal. These organizations include Singapore Association for Mental Health, Singapore Anglican Community Services and National Council of Social Service.

The focus of such organizations is to boost the employability of PMHIs with the help of rehabilitation and training to meet the needs of the employers. In the case of the National Council of Social Service, they have this Project Hire. Project Hire brings together PMHIs through employment forums to raise awareness.

This is a good initiative and for sure the care providers of PMHIs will be happy of the opportunities given.

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3 Tips to Avoid Embarrassing Job Interview Mishaps

Job interviews are an important event not only because it can land you the career that you want, but it also serves as your future employers’ first impressions of you. Sometimes, because of too much anxiety and nervousness, we tend to make silly mistakes that makes us want to crawl into a corner and cower with shame.


Luckily, we are here to give you some tips to avoid making shameful mistakes and to guarantee that your interview runs smoothly.

1. Do your research. One does not simply go to any battle without preparing tools and strategies. The same can be said in a job interview. Since most of the important questions that the interviewer would ask you is related to the company you are applying to, it is only right that you study up and research on the company.


2. Rehearse. Just like in doing class reports and presentations, rehearsing for an interview is vital. Ask help from your friends to help you do a mock interview so you’ll have some clear perspective on what direction the interview is going to take. A simple warning though, you do not want to rehearse too much on your answers because it can sound insincere and fake.

3. Dress impeccably. First impressions can be formed as soon as you walk inside the room where the interview is going to take place. Because of this, it is highly important to dress properly in order to impress the interviewers. If you are unsure what to wear, remember that you can never go wrong if you go for corporate attire.


Singapore Electricians – The Dangers of Being an Electrician

Almost every establishment has an electrical system. Electricity makes our life comfortable and without it, how can we see each other at night time? Probably, lighting a candle will be the answer; however, it is more dangerous to use because it can be a cause of fire. And another thing is that we are living in the modern era.


There is a need for us to install electrical wires and other gadgets for home and office use. However, we cannot do it by ourselves. In commercial buildings, it is easier to install the electrical system when it is newly built rather than maintaining it. Most of the time, electricians need to destroy many things just to fix one line of wiring. Since technology advances, the use of thermal scanners, voltmeters and ammeters are widely used to prevent electrocution and other disastrous events.

Health and Safety Issues for Electricians

Since electricians work on different settings, they may be unprotected with several hazardous chemicals and other dangerous materials.


  • Lead, solvents, solder, and other materials – If this will not hurt them, it will gradually destroy their healthy physique.
  • Risk of fatal electrical shock – This can lead to death or if one is lucky, he’ll only be suffering from serious injuries.
  • Risk of electrical burns – Sometimes, if it doesn’t cause severe damage to the vital organs in our body, it will just burn our skin. However, it’s not the ordinary pain that you’ll experience because it will burn your internal organs.
  • Extremely hot temperatures – This can paralyse an electrician most especially when there’s a sudden temperature change.
  • Working at heights – Sometimes an electrician needs to works on a tall post to fix damages that are done by strong typhoon.



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