The Hidden Dangers Behind Juicing

Juicing may be one of the known trends to lose weight lately, but that might not be the only thing your green juices can do. In fact, some health experts stated that juicing can do some serious damage to you, both physically and mentally. So before you start reaching out for another glass of your liquefied kale, you might want to first consider these juicing dangers.


1.       Elevates Blood Sugar Levels. Since the fruit sugar became more concentrated in juice, it only means that drinking it will only cause a drastic increase in the body’s glucose level, or also known as hyperglycaemia. However, it doesn’t just end with that. Over a short span of time, it will also cause an inevitable drop in your blood sugar, more commonly known as hypoglycaemia. If this dramatic shift continues over some time, then there’s a possibility that an insulin or glucose instability might occur, leading to more drastic shifts in your blood sugar level.

2.       Causes Tooth Decay. Fruit juices are known to be have an extremely high natural sugar content, which if drank often, can cause as much tooth decay as candies and sodas. These juices are also believed to be highly acidic, making your teeth more susceptible to decay and erosion. To decrease your chances of experiencing these damages, experts recommend using straw when drinking to minimize direct contact between the juice and your teeth’s enamel. Also, make sure that you wait for about 30 minutes before brushing your teeth to allow your teeth to return to its normal pH level.


3.       Alters Your Stomach’s pH Balance. Although juices work great as a supplementary drink for your diet, you shouldn’t use it to replace your meals as it will only result to ulcer, leaky gut, gallstones, IBS and diverticulitis. Not only that, skipping on your starches and fibres also causes you to throw away half of the nutrients that your body needs, resulting to nutritional deficiencies and even weight gain.

4.       Stresses Out Your Body. If you’re using juicing as a cleansing method and not as a supplement to your diet, then you’ll surely experience short-term starvation, which might elevate your cortisol and cause a significant stress response in your body. If you’re already suffering from excessive stress, then this is the furthest thing from healthy for you.

5.       Leads to an Eating Disorder. Other than the physical dangers, juicing can also cause some serious mental harm. A good example would be ignoring your body’s natural cues of satiety, hunger and fullness, resulting to formation of patterns of disordered eating and the deregulation of your appetitive system. This is why juicing isn’t recommended, especially if you are prone to experiencing disordered eating patterns.

Juicing can be a great way to lose, but only when it’s done the right way. So before you start taking on various ways to lose weight and stay fit, ensure that you’re doing it right and that it has lesser side effects than its health benefits.


A Fruity Way to Shed Some Weight

Weight loss is a huge deal nowadays. People are more watchful of their weight to keep in shape and to have a healthy body. The common perception of weight loss and dieting seems to be involving bland and dull food. People think that in order to lose weight, a person must keep eating tasteless food.


There’s a more fun and delicious approach to weight loss, and that is eating enough fruits. Fruits are the secret weapon when it comes to weight loss. But there are specific fruits that have a higher dose of fiber and pectin, naturally occurring fat burners that can also help boost a person’s metabolism.

Some fruits that should be your best friend in order to shed those extra pounds are:

  • Apples. Apples contain high amounts of fiber that is good for weight loss. They are also low in calories and rich in minerals.


  • Bananas. Bananas are portable fruits that are delicious and packed with health benefits. These are high in potassium and fiber, which can help speed up weight loss. Bananas also contain vitamin B6 that helps boost body immunity and lower risks of heart disease.
  • Pears. They are considered as big weight loss fruits because they are packed with fiber, which is much needed in losing weight.
  • Blueberries. Blueberries contain high doses of antioxidants that fight metabolic syndrome. These superfoods combat insulin resistance, obesity, hypertension and cholesterol.
  • Strawberries. Strawberries boost the production of the hormones that burn fat and boost our metabolism. They also have enzymes that help fight tissue injuries and damage.

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