5 Important Points to Discuss in an Epi-Lasik Consultation

Going for an Epi-Lasik surgery is an important decision to do especially if you want to have a better vision. Though some people in Singapore are quite worried and hesitant in undergoing this laser eye surgery, it’s pretty normal and acceptable to feel this way as there are a lot of questions that needs to be answered to completely feel at ease in undergoing the treatment. You, as a potential laser eye surgery patient, should take the initiative to know the important points that you should clarify with your ophthalmologist as you perform a consultation meeting with him, and such points are as follows.

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1. The Surgeon’s Experience and Skills

As a patient, you should and need to feel confident and comfortable with your surgeon’s skill in performing laser eye surgeries, specifically Epi-Lasik surgeries. Ask him as to how long he has been performing the procedure and how many times has be performed it. An experienced surgeon would be more than willing to share his recognitions, certificates and experiences that he managed to gain from performing the procedure. Also, ask about the success rating of the surgery with regards to the post-surgical complications and recovery of his previous patients. Using these questions, you’ll know whether your surgeon has enough experience and skills to perform your laser eye surgery.

2. Visual Achievement of Former Patients

If you choose to undergo an Epi-Lasik procedure to eliminate your reliance on eyeglasses and contact lenses, then it’s advised that you look into the average visual achievement of the previous patients of your surgeon. Choose an ophthalmologist like clearvision lasik singapore who managed to return their patient’s perfect 20-20 or driving vision. If you happened to be examined with a thin cornea, then asking the surgery results of other patients who have the same cornea condition as yours would be a great idea.

3. Availability of Post-Surgical Enhancement Procedures

Since a person’s healing and recovery ability can be quite different from the other, there are patients who have a tendency to either underreact or overreact to the laser eye surgery, ensuing an under-corrected or overcorrected eye surgery result. To remedy either of these problems, ask your surgeon if he’ll be conducting some post-operative enhancement procedures and as to how long it’ll take to determine if you should have one soon. Enhancement procedures are usually done 3 to 6 months post-surgery or as soon as the person’s eyes have stabilized. Lastly, and more importantly, ask him about the costs of having one to further enhance the results of the initial procedure.


4. Laser Eye Surgery Cost

Another matter that you shouldn’t forget to raise and discuss in your consultation with your surgeon is the cost of your procedure. Epi-Lasik Singapore usually comes in packages that includes comprehensive pre-Lasik evaluation, actual laser eye surgery, initial set of medications, a month or two of post-operative checkups, and an enhancement surgery if needed. Keep in mind though that prices for such procedure might vary depending on the place where it’ll be done and the severity of your vision problem. For a rough estimate, having an Epi-Lasik surgery in Singapore would cost from $1,000 to $2,000 for each eye.

5. Qualifications to be a Laser Eye Surgery Candidate

Now that you’ve already evaluated the skills of your surgeon and the cost of the procedure seems to fit just right in your budget, the next thing that you should ask you surgeon is if you’re a good candidate to undergo an Epi-Lasik procedure. Usually, surgeons would require their patient to be at least 18 years of age, no drastic changes in the eye prescription occurred within the year and no history of eye problems like glaucoma or cataract. Have your surgeon check all these qualifications and see whether or not you’re a perfect candidate to undergo an Epi-Lasik procedure.


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