Singapore Electricians – The Dangers of Being an Electrician

Almost every establishment has an electrical system. Electricity makes our life comfortable and without it, how can we see each other at night time? Probably, lighting a candle will be the answer; however, it is more dangerous to use because it can be a cause of fire. And another thing is that we are living in the modern era.


There is a need for us to install electrical wires and other gadgets for home and office use. However, we cannot do it by ourselves. In commercial buildings, it is easier to install the electrical system when it is newly built rather than maintaining it. Most of the time, electricians need to destroy many things just to fix one line of wiring. Since technology advances, the use of thermal scanners, voltmeters and ammeters are widely used to prevent electrocution and other disastrous events.

Health and Safety Issues for Electricians

Since electricians work on different settings, they may be unprotected with several hazardous chemicals and other dangerous materials.


  • Lead, solvents, solder, and other materials – If this will not hurt them, it will gradually destroy their healthy physique.
  • Risk of fatal electrical shock – This can lead to death or if one is lucky, he’ll only be suffering from serious injuries.
  • Risk of electrical burns – Sometimes, if it doesn’t cause severe damage to the vital organs in our body, it will just burn our skin. However, it’s not the ordinary pain that you’ll experience because it will burn your internal organs.
  • Extremely hot temperatures – This can paralyse an electrician most especially when there’s a sudden temperature change.
  • Working at heights – Sometimes an electrician needs to works on a tall post to fix damages that are done by strong typhoon.



Tips on Surviving Tornadoes

In the last days of April, a tornado attacked Mississippi and Arkansas. It killed 34 people. Deaths were also reported in Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Iowa. The government is trying its best to help the victims by declaring a major disaster and federal aid. Tornadoes are the most violent storms.


Tornadoes carry winds of up to three hundred miles per hour. That is destructive enough. It is frightening because it is accompanied by lightning and heavy rains. When a tornado strikes, you should know what to do because it is the only difference between life and death. Though storms rarely happen here in Singapore, it is still best if we know what to do when this happens.

Here are some tips on surviving tornadoes:


  • Prepare for it: Tornadoes are predicted and tracked. When the government advises you to prepare for it, you should do it without much ado. For instance, you should prepare your kit so when it hits, you will not scour for important things.
  • Move to shelter: As soon as the warning has been issued, you have to stop whatever you are doing and go to the designated shelter. Do not wait for the tornado to be visible. Bring your whole family with you.
  • Remain in the shelter: You should bring a radio and continually monitor the weather. Listen to advisories so you will know when to exit the shelter. You have to remember that multiple tornadoes form in one area. Do not leave the shelter unless the authorities say so.
  • Abandon vehicle: If you are in a car, the safest thing that you should do is abandon your vehicle and search for shelter. If you have no time to leave your car, the safest thing is to fasten your seatbelt.

Singaporeans are one with Americans in their prayer for the recent devastations.


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