6 Breathtakingly Beautiful Natural Pools in the World

With the scorching heat of the sun here in Singapore, it’s tempting to go elsewhere to relax and cool off. How about taking a dip into a pool? We’re not talking about the swimming pools we often find in hotels and resorts, but those designed by Mother Nature amidst the glorious natural backdrops.

1. The Devil’s Pool (Africa)
Nestled on the edge of the world’s largest waterfalls the Victoria Falls, the Devil’s Pool is intimidating as it is enticing. However, it’s impossible to go there on your own. You need to go through tour organizers as you will need someone to lead the way.

2. Grotta Della Poesia (Italy)
This stunning turquoise sinkhole sits on the Adriatic Coast. The contrast of the clear turquoise waters contained in a rugged surroundings creates an extraordinary feel and look to this mesmerizing destination. There’s also an underground cave here that leads you back to the ocean.

3. Dudu Blue Lagoon (Dominican Republic)
Does swimming in a 100-feet deep clear cobalt blue pool sounds like a perfect getaway for you? Then head to Dudu Blue Lagoon, located in the northern coast of Dominican Republic. This natural pool also boasts numerous underwater caves, making it an ideal destination for scuba divers.

4. Cenote Ik Kil (Mexico)
You can find so many cenotes (natural swimming holes) in Mexico, but there’s none quite like Ik Kil. Located near the ruins of Chichen Itza in Yucatan Peninsula, this 85-feet deep cenote hides in the middle of rainforests, lush trees and handing vines.

5. Havasu Falls (Arizona)
In a place chock-full of natural splendour, Havasu Falls stands out. This blue-green waterfalls is so stunning that it is basically made to be Instagrammed. However, getting there is not as easy as you think. Only those who are willing to hike 10 miles will get to experience this Arizona marvel.

6. Blue Lagoon (Iceland)
A God-given treasure to Iceland, Blue Lagoon gives you a spa-like experience in a bigger, better and more natural way. This naturally heated pool with mineral salts, blue-green algae and fine silica mud will not only relax you but also nourishes and exfoliates your skin. Apart from this beauty benefit, the place is just enormous and truly spectacular.

Let these destinations convince you to dive into the waters. Instead of heading to just another ordinary swimming pool, these natural beauties provide more than just cooling off from the hot and humid weather.

Best Apps and Websites for a Stress-Free Travel

Whether you’re browsing through travel destinations or pricing a specific itinerary, finding travel options that fit with your budget and schedule can always be a challenge. With hundreds of travel information right at your fingertips, it can be quite overwhelming to navigate through such details. Worry not though, because we’re here to narrow down your search. We’ve put together the best resources, as well as some budget-friendly options, that will help in taking the hassle out of planning your trip.


Flight Booking

  • Kayak

Kayak is one of the best travel websites to visit, as it doesn’t just offer flight searches, but also hotel and car rental information. The site also aggregates all the airlines into one place, and has recently added Southwest fares to the results. Other than that, Kayak also allows its users to customize an alert to help them track the cost of their itinerary and update them when prices change.

  • Hopper

This is one of the free apps that feature future price differences of flights. Search one to three months ahead to know the cheapest time to visit a particular destination. Hopper is also a great app for pinpointing low and high season hits because if prices of flights fall, chances are hotel accommodations are cheaper as well.

  • JetLookup

For travellers who love last-minute trips, this site is perfect as it uses your home airport and shows you destinations with the cheapest flights. JetLookup is a must-visit site if you don’t have an exact plan, but wants to go to a new place.


  • Utrip

Utrip works by creating personalized itineraries based on your budget and interests. All you’ve got to do is enter your arrival date along with a ranking of your interests, and a daily itinerary will be sent straight to your inbox.


  • Tripit

Tripit is a hassle-free way of tracking your travel details in a central location. Travel bookings, confirmations, itineraries, reservations, and tickets are easily stored in the app, shared with contacts, and synced with your Google calendar. Tripit also features an airline reward point tracker, seat upgrade notifications, and maps to the key sights in your itinerary.

Hotel Accommodations

  • Airbnb

This website offers options to stay in homes or local apartments during your trip. But always make sure to check on the location of the place, the reviews of their previous guests, and the amenities included in the accommodation. Remember that you can always reach out to the host and inquire about the place before booking to make sure it’s available on your travel dates.

  • Hotel Tonight

Since its launching in 2012, Hotel Tonight became the favourite tool of last-minute travellers who are looking for same day hotel accommodations. Using this app, you can now book rooms up to seven days in advance. Their ‘Why We Like It’ option is also a must-use feature as it provides a synopsis of each property’s best amenities, and categorizes them as basic, luxe, or charming to help you make quick decisions.

Whether it’s a planned or a last-minute travel, planning your trip is now easier with the help of these apps and websites. So make the most out of these tools to experience a happy and relaxing getaway.


5 Relaxation Tips to Calm You While on Your Flight

Fear of flying can’t stop most of us from travelling, but it sure can cause lots of knots in the stomach and sleepless nights before your trip regardless of how excited you are about your destination. The good thing is, there are ways on how you can manage your fear of flying so that it won’t affect your desire to explore and see the world.

middle seat

1.       Get a Comfortable Plane Seat. When booking your flight, explain to the airline representative that you’re a nervous flier and ask if you can be seated in the passage seat close to front of the plane. Sitting in this position means experiencing lesser turbulence during the flight, as well as lower chances of triggering your claustrophobia. Other than that, this seat also gives you an easier access to the plane’s crew if you need something.

2.       Keep Your Eyes From Wandering. If you’re claustrophobic, thinking about how little the space is around you will only make you feel more trapped. Instead focus on reading a good book, watching a movie or solving your Sudoku puzzle to distract you from where you are.

3.       Think of Happy Thoughts. Whether it’s your favourite chocolate cake or the last amazing date you had, teleporting your mind elsewhere will keep you from feeling anxious while flying. If you find it hard to think of happy thoughts, try listening to a meditation podcast, an audiobook or music. If your mind starts racing through some ‘what if’ scenarios when the seatbelt sign goes on, reroute your mind as fast as you can even if it means counting up to 500.


4.       Perform Breathing Exercises. One good way to ease your anxiety is to perform breathing exercises where you inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Doing this will help you decompress and be in the zone.

5.       Take Some Legal Herbs. Taking some herbal meds can also be a good way to calm yourself, but do consult your doctor first. Try taking supplements like Valerian pre-flight to calm your nerves. If you want, you can also bring a bag or two of your favourite herbal tea to sip on when needed.

Flying can be really nerve-wracking, especially if you’re a first-timer. So do keep these tricks in mind to help you calm your nerves on your next flights, and make it a happier and relaxing one.


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