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In the office, everyone seems to be suffering from cough – including you. Cough is perhaps the simplest ailment but it has the power to make you uncomfortable for several days. You are not sleeping well and you are very noisy. You do not like these kinds of things because there are a lot of things that you need to do.


So, what is your solution? You can easily go to your doctor and ask for a relief. There are many clinics here in Singapore that you can go to. If you do not have time for this, you can just buy over-the-counter medicines. Before anything else, you have to know that there are different types of cough medicines available over-the-counter. Here are the types of cough medicines:

  • Cough suppressants: Cough suppressants can help you by obstructing your cough reflex. The most common suppressant us Dextromethorphan or DM which is greatly available here in Singapore. DM does not have that addictive property unlike Codeine. If you have a hacking cough, DM can give relief.


  • Oral expectorants: Expectorants are effective in thinning the mucus so it will be easier for you to cough it up. Doctors will advise you to drink lots of water as it will facilitate in loosening the mucus. However, if you want to try expectorants, you can look for Guaifenesin.  Guaifenesin can loosen the mucus by thinning it and eventually it can clear the airways. This drug has its side effects too. You can expect vomiting and nausea.
  • Topical medicines: If you do not want to consider suppressants and expectorants, you have one option left. You can consider topical medicines. Topical medicines like Menthol and Camphor can give you relief. When you say topical, it means natural. These medicines are aromatic that can be rubbed unto the throat or chest. The vapors of Menthol and Camphor can ease the coughing plus it can soothe the stuffiness you get from the cold. If you do not prefer vapor, you can choose to inhale it by steaming it. Menthol can be purchased as a compressed tablet or lozenge.

If you ask your doctors, it is better not to take anything at all. Unless it interferes with your activities, cough from a cold should not be treated. You should know that coughing the mucus is beneficial because your lungs will be clear.

Before buying anything, it is imperative that you let your doctors know. If not, at least ask the pharmacist. They will know what to give you. This should make you feel better.

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