Drawbacks of Juice Cleansing

To achieve the hot body you dream of, you would do anything. You happen to know that your favourite Hollywood celebrities go for juice cleansing. You would want to try it of course. Here in Singapore, juice cleanse is famous. The number of Singaporeans who adhere to juice cleanse is growing every minute. Delectable concoctions are made and discovered every day.


Before you indulge with juice cleansing, you have to know everything about it. The first thing that you need to know is its founder. It is common knowledge that Stanley Burroughs started this idea. He made a concoction out of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water in 1976; it was called the Master Cleanse. In 2004, Peter Glickman further developed Burroughs’ ideas; He changed formulas and added more minerals and vitamins. Since then, the popularity of juice cleansing spread worldwide.

Is juice cleansing good for you? Here are some truths to it:


  • It is not for everyone: Let it be known that juice cleansing is not for all. In fact, it can be very dangerous to others. For people undergoing chemotherapy, juice cleansing is not advisable. If you have nutritional deficiency, kidney disease or diabetes,  juice cleansing is discouraged. It may work for others or it may not work for you. It really depends.
  • It removes nutrients: The process of juicing simply removes some of the nutrients of fruits and vegetables. You know that fresh fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants and fibre. If it is juiced, these nutrients will be eliminated. There are experts who strongly suggest that eating fruits and vegetables whole is still the perfect thing to do.
  • It is less filling: You have your teeth for a reason. You need to chew and grind foods so you will feel satisfied and full.
  • It is expensive: The weight loss industry is a booming business. You do not expect a cheap system. Juice cleansing is expensive and not all people can afford it. You need to buy the juicer for a start.

Considering the points mentioned above, you should think seriously before embracing juice cleansing. If you want to lose weight, you can do it gradually and moderately. You can cut on your food intake and exercise but never restrict your body from other nutritious foods.

If you flip the other side of the coin, juice cleansing has many benefits. There is nothing wrong with juice cleansing for a few days but if you want it every day, you have to be cautious.



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