Encouraging Women to Stand Up

This year’s Aware (Association of Women for Action & Research) Heroine goes to Rachel Chung. The award recognizes the effort of Ms. Chung and her bravery to stand up against abuse. Ms. Chung experienced eight years of violent marriage. She finally filed her divorce when her then-husband tossed their daughter when the daughter tried to protect her.

She is now a counsellor who gives talks and shares her story with myriad women who suffer the same thing. Abuse is not new. Many women suffer abuse every day. It is important that they should be encouraged to stand up. What are helpful coping strategies for women who suffer abuse:

Support System

Many women do not stand up because they believe no one will understand or listen. That is where they are wrong. These days, there are many support groups or support system that they can lean on. Just think that you do not deserve to be treated that way and there are others who suffer the same pain.


Crying is not a sigh of weakness or yielding to the abuse. Sometimes we all need a good cry so we can pour out whatever we feel. Crying can help you feel better and lighter. If you have friends around, do not hesitate to cry in front of them.

Keep Busy

If you keep yourself busy, you can  cope up. You should choose activities that are beneficial for you. For example, you can exercise. You can also consider relaxation exercises like massage and yoga. You can sleep or think about your balanced diet. You can read, appreciate music and art and many more.

The abuse is not something that could perish after crying, talking about it or keeping busy. It will stay but it depends on us if we want to move on with our life. Coping with abuse may take weeks, months or even years. We have different paces so it is important that you find your own and take it slow.

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