Facts and Myths About the Durian

Durian is a famous fruit here in Southeast Asia. It is fondly called  “King of Fruits” because of its delectable taste and of course, its thorny exterior which resembles to that of a crown. Many Singaporeans consider this fruit but there are others who are afraid of what it can bring. It is important that you know some facts and myths about durian so you can enjoy it without doubting it.


So, here are some things about durian that you should be aware of:

  • Facts: Not all people know this but durian can in fact cause weight gain. A durian can have at least eight hundred calories depending on the size. One seed can contain about fifty to sixty eight calories. Durian is more than a delectable taste; it also contains nutrients (like potassium, iron, vitamin C and B and fibre) that your body needs.

Durian is not for people with diabetes because it has high sugar content. It is a known fact that durian has high carbohydrate content, it can fill your low energy levels. Its potassium can help in reducing fatigue and relieving anxiety.

  • Myths: Perhaps you heard about durian and its high cholesterol intake. Believe it or not this is not true. Durians have no cholesterol, in fact, it can help you lower your bad cholesterol. Remember that cholesterol is only found in foods that have saturated fats (like read meats, dairy products and seafood). Durian only has monounsaturated fats.


Others believe that durians and beers are lethal combination. Again, this is not true. There is no scientific evidence that support this. The combination will likely cause indigestion and bloating but not death. Finally, people believe that durians are aphrodisiac. While it is true that when you eat it, your body temperature rises, it is not to boost your libido.

Knowing this, you can still enjoy durian. The key here is to eat it moderately. If you haven’t tried durian, well it is time get a taste of it. Experts would recommend at least two to three seeds; this is enough. There are many durians available here in Singapore.

Durian is a marvel because there are many things that you can do with it. It can serve as an additional flavour for your coffee. It can also be a bread filling or cake flavouring. Really, there are a lot of possibilities. Durian is not that expensive, do not worry. It is great if shared with the family or friends. Happy eating!


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