Fool-Proof Signs You’re Being Emotionally Abused by Your Partner

Every couple goes through rough times in their relationship; you fight and unintentionally hurt each other. But if every interaction you have with your partner causes you to feel fear, anxiety or dread – and you don’t know why you’re feeling that way since he has never hit you – then you might be a victim of emotional abuse. While it may not leave any physical marks, being emotionally abused could just as harmful as being physically abused by someone. Here, we’ve listed down some fool-proof signs that would tell as to whether or not you’re in a relationship with an emotionally abusive partner.


1.       He Criticizes You Regularly

There’s no problem if he’s just giving you constructive criticisms from time to time, but if he constantly criticizes for just everything that you do, then that could be a sign that you’re dealing with an emotionally abusive person. This person’s criticisms often range from disapproving your attire to lecturing you on the life choices you’re making. As a result, you end up feeling worthless and you seek his approval more, which is something that’s hard to come by.

2.       He Humiliates You in Public

Innocent jesting is completely different from outright humiliation. So if your significant other has a habit of humiliating you both in public and private, then they’re emotionally abusing you. He will simply wave you off by saying that “you’re just too sensitive”, distorting how you view the situation so you’ll think that you’re just overreacting on his jokes.


3.       He Ignores Your Relationship Concerns

Stonewalling happens in a relationship when one of you refuses to communicate, choosing instead to ignore the issue in your relationship and dismiss difficult conversations. The effect it leaves? You’ll think that your concerns don’t matter and your feelings are not as important as you think they are.

4.       He Doesn’t Support Your Plans or Achievements

Perhaps you decided to take on a hobby you’re excited about or received a job promotion from your boss, but when you shared the good news to your significant other, he seems to be less than thrilled. He wants you to stay where you are so you won’t have a chance to outgrow him or realize that you actually deserve better.

5.       He Makes You Feel That You’re the Problem

You now start making excuses for him because he finally succeeded in making you believe that you deserve everything he gives you. Eventually, you’ll also start thinking that’s it’s you who’s asking for too much and that he’s just the poor guy trying to put in your relationship.

Knowing these signs is crucial to protect yourself from an emotionally abusive partner and relationship. Regardless of what he says, remember that you’re worthy of all the good things that the world has to offer. So walk away now and start doing things that can make you a happier and better person.

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