Get to Know Miss Charming

Have you ever wondered on how on earth a girl who is really not that good-looking can attract so many boys?  It seems like she doesn’t have a perfect face or fashionable outfits but still she is getting the attention of all these boys. Well, I guess it’s her charm that works on her and only few girls have that.  So, who is this miss charming really?


She always has this sweet smile. She will always be the girl who loves to smile a lot.  She gives her smile freely to everyone. She uses it to light up things in a tedious moment. Usually when she smiles her eyes smiles too, giving her more means of being nice-looking.

She has a sense of humour. She always has her own way of being funny.  This maybe in her own jokes or you can just see it on the way she acts or reacts on things.  And of course, who will not be attracted with a funny girl? It is said that great sense of humour brings a lot of admirers.


She knows how to socialize naturally. She knows how to socialize without thinking about what she will tell other people or how will be her strategy for them to be associated with her. It just like, everything she shows to other people is her natural self. She literally has this confidence in dealing with array of people.

She is energetic and she knows how to have fun. She has this undeniable energy whenever she is around mingling. She will make other people feel that they are welcomed and appreciated. She is just like a kid when it comes to having fun. She is innocent, ecstatic and loves an adventure of her own.



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