How To Choose a House Painting Services?

Looking for a professional house painting services can be a bit daunting. You should be able to look for one that would provide quality house painting as well as quality materials. However, many Singapore homeowners skip the idea of professional skills as it is quite costly. Most homeowners think that as long as they have the best quality paints and materials, professional expertise in applying them is not much needed. Though this idea is economical, the chance of wasting good quality products is higher.


You may have the best type of paint for your home, but the coating isn’t as smooth as it supposed to be and may not last very long. That’s why it is important to hire professional home painting services. They’ll make sure that your home will be given a new breath of life. Here are the things you can do in choosing the right professionals for your home painting project.

1. Get recommendations from paint stores

The best way to get good recommendations is to visit a couple of paint stores in your locality and talk to the store in-charge about your house painting project. Most likely, local paint stores that are in the business for years have met and worked with a number of painters in your town. Ask the paint shop staff to give you at least three recommendations of painting services contractors.

2. Test the painters

Once you have the details of the painting services contractor, call each of them and schedule an appointment for them to check your house. Also, pay attention to their manners of entertaining clients, like how they answer phone calls, how prompt they are in returning calls, and whether they are on time for the appointment.


3. Research for references

Make sure each home painting services Singapore contractor is insured and licensed. Also, check for references. In researching, don’t settle for the photos alone. Most of the photos published in their website are edited or taken from too far away to conceal squiggly lines or uneven brush strokes. Ask each contractor for contacts of previous clients with projects almost the same as yours and sample photos of projects that are not more than three years old.


4. Ask about damage control policy

Painting can be a big mess if not handled with caution, which is why contractors should take the responsibility of returning the place to its original condition. The company should use drop cloths and protective materials to cover furniture and floors. If damages can no longer be returned to its original state, cash reimbursement or any other compensation should be agreed and specified in the contract.

5. Paying your painting services contractor

After you have chosen your Singapore painting services contractor and settle everything needed, experts recommend that the payment method should be in thirds. The contractor should be paid with an initial deposit of 10 percent after signing the contract, one third of the remainder as the project progresses, and the remaining balance after the job is done and everything is cleared.

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