How to Make an Effective Training Proposal?

Human resource professionals are always considering the training of their employees as one of their important function.  This is vital not only for the organization but also for the growth of the employees, that is proven to be a part of their satisfaction in their job. An excellent training program is pretty much well designed. Here are some important notes to be considered to make your training proposal alluring and well created.


  1. Asses the real problem of your organization. There are instances that the training program that is created didn’t fit the need of the organization. This gives a major loss in terms of the time and money of the organization.
  2. State your objectives evidently. Everything starts with clear objectives. This serves as the main focus of the whole training program. This tackles the knowledge, skills and behaviour that you want your participants to achieve after the training program.
  3.  Be sensitive of the duration of the program. The time and day of the program should be in accordance with the amount of learning the chosen participants need to acquire.
  4. Participants should be properly selected. The number of the participants should be noted and they should be single out based on the needs and objectives of the program.

How to Write a Business Proposal

  1. The venue should have everything that will be needed. The venue of the training program should have all the facilities needed for the program to be executed accurately. It should be within the budget.
  2. The agenda is well organized. It should always have the integration in the end.
  3. Activities should match the lessons being taught. Activities should always be durable.
  4. Always within the budget. The training program should be effective and within the desired cost of the top management.
  5. Don’t forget to evaluate your program. You have to make sure that the attendance sheets and the evaluation sheets are given. This will serve as a tool for you to check if the program is successful or not.


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