Introducing: Amazon Echo

What is the difference between the actual echo and Amazon’s echo? Well, the actual echo is just the result of the bouncing of sound waves at a surface. For others, it is meant to annoy because of its repeating sound. However, Amazon’s echo is made purely out of good intentions – to make our lives better and more comfortable.


Unfortunately, not all Singaporeans know Echo. It is time that we know Echo and how it can help us. Echo is a speaker equipped with voice-control system. In other words, Echo is a “smart” speaker. It has its flaws but many improvements were made after its first launch. Echo can be a good or bad influence depending on the perception of the person. Regardless of the perception, we have to settle from the fact that it was made to help us.

So, what are Echo’s features? Here are some:

  • Speakers: Echo has only one woofer with a driver size of 2.5 inches and one tweeter with driver size of 2 inches. The voice-control system is anchored by soothing “Alexa”. She talks back to us when we ask her something and though her capabilities may be limited now, there are still few tricks up her sleeves.  For simple reading an audible book to telling weather forecast, Alexa is surely something for keeps. Considering the side of the critics, they say that the speaker doesn’t sound good with music as it distorts it into higher volumes.


  • Connections: Echo can be connected via Bluetooth or WiFi.
  • Controls: There is only one control and that is the mute button.
  • Power: Echo’s power is through its internal power adapter. It does not have other battery option except plugging it at all times.
  • Announced: Echo was launched on November 6, 2014.
  • Size and weight: Echo is roughly 9.25 inches tall and 3.27 inches wide.
  • Pricing and availability: Though Echo is only available in America as of this time, we should be positive that it will reach Singapore in time. The price of Echo is $199 USD. Maybe in the coming years, it will be available here.
  • Colors:  There is only one color available. The black color is sure to be attractive because of its design as a whole.

The good thing about Echo is its improving capabilities over time. It is now compatible with Pandora, audiobook playback and traffic reports. Echo or Alexa will really grow on us as time goes by. Let us wait for other improvement in the future and hopefully it will come here soon.


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