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reparing for school or work is simple but when you go out and you face the traffic, you will surely feel burdened and stressed out. When this happens, it helps to keep your cool and do things while you wait for the traffic to ease. There are people who bring books, play with their tablets or listen to some music to relax.

If in this case you prefer listening to some music, you should look for an application that can help you with the relaxation. You can look for applications, download it then install in your tablet or smartphone. However the challenge lies in looking for the right music application. If you are looking for music applications, do not worry because we will provide options for you.

These applications are available in Singapore, do not worry. In fact, many Singaporeans use the applications already. Here are the music applications worth your time and your energy:


  • Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is the most downloaded music application. This music application is free. You can find this application in Google Play Store or App Store. Many people consider this application because of its ease. You can easily search songs. You can even make personalized stations if you like.

  • Tune in Radio

Tune in Radio is famous because of its different setting. In fact, it appeals to many people because you can actually pause and rewind live radio. Tune in Radio opens doors to the world. This music application will let you listen to different songs. You can listen to about 100000 live radio stations.

  • Daytrotter

If you do not seek for mainstream music, you should consider Daytrotter. You will enjoy Daytrotter because the application offers music from upcoming bands. It features 1000 mini concerts from successful and less famous indie bands.

  • Songza

If you want an application that will play music at the right time, Songza is definitely for you. You can actually rate a song; you can either give thumbs up or thumbs down depending on your mood. You will create a playlist based on your moods.

  • NPR Music

If you want a different experience, you should consider NPR Music. NPR Music offers music coming from different genres from Jazz, Blues, Rock, Hip Hop, Classical and many more. You will be happy to know that there are 75 radio stations covered by this application not to mention exclusive previews and concerts.

With the things mentioned above, hopefully you will experience better days. Do not let traffic or any unfortunate things get the best of you. Enjoy the applications!


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