Organizing a Large Bbq Party

Whether you’re organizing for a big birthday party, family reunion or wedding reception, a bbq catering is the best way to satisfy large number of guests. This is one of the most preferred ways by Singapore residents in celebrating festivities. Bbq catering doesn’t only gratify humongous numbers of guests, but the satay dishes also satisfy every visitor’s taste buds. So if you’re planning to host a huge bbq party with minimum hassle, here are some of the key points you have to consider.

There are so many outdoor venues in Singapore that is perfect for organizing a large bbq party. Choose the one that perfectly fits the size of your party. As you search for places, visualize where you can put entry and exit points so your guests won’t jam on certain areas. Plan where the serving and cooking bbq Singapore stations should be placed. Also, consider the guests who will be bringing along their cars. Make sure the venue has designated car parks for your guests’ parking convenience.

The major problem with a Singapore bbq party is the unpredictable weather. Picking a date in advance means not being sure what the weather would be like on the actual day of the event. Prepare a plan B for your barbecue party in case the weather gets rough. Just as long as you can secure an area for cooking and area to keep your guests dry, then you’ll still be able to go on with your party.

Food and Drink
The type of bbq food and drink you are going to serve depends on the style of your party. For an informal event, simple bbq food options and a selection of vegetables and side salads will suffice. If you’re aiming for a formal affair like a wedding reception in Singapore, then maybe you should include selections of hot vegetable dishes, fish, and desserts. When buying bbq meats and veggies for large number of people, it is advisable to look for a bbq wholesale shop to get bbq wholesale prices. These bbq wholesale shops will help you save a lot of money when buying bulks of meats.
For the drinks, make sure to stock alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Stock soft drinks or fruit juices for non-alcoholic guests and have beers, wines and champagnes for the adults.

Ask for helping hands
For a large party, you need to have more than one cook and server. If you hired a Singapore bbq catering service, then you don’t have to worry much on the man power. But if you opt to have it your way, you should ask a few people to help you with all the cooking and serving tasks.

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