Get to Know the Different Types of Coffee

Most people nowadays cannot start their day without a cup of latte, cappuccino or mocha in their hands, that is why it’s a perfect time to set up a coffee business, such as a mobile coffee cart, coffee shop, and even coffee catering.

Before you can set up your business, however, you need to be an expert in the product you’re selling. Let’s get to know what’s in one of the world’s most addictive drinks and the different varieties of coffee drinks commonly sold in mobile coffee and coffee shops.

It Begins with the Coffee Beans

There are two species of coffee that are used in most coffee businesses, such as the robusta and the arabica beans, with the latter making up for most of the coffee produced around the world.

• Robusta Beans. This type of coffee is harvested from the Coffea canephora plant and is valued for its bitterness and low acidic content. Robusta is used primarily for making espresso, instant coffee, and ground coffee blends. It has twice the amount of antioxidants and caffeine than the arabica beans and is easier to produce because the plant has greater yield and is resistant to most diseases.

• Arabica Beans. The beans are harvested from the Coffea arabica plant and is valued for its highly caffeinated but less acidic and less bitter flavor. It also has more concentrated sugar and lipids than robusta, although it’s more expensive because the coffee plant is susceptible to diseases and insects.

Variation of Coffee Drinks

Although robusta beans are often found only in most coffee blends nowadays, there is no shortage of the types of coffee drinks that you can sell in your mobile coffee cart or coffee catering business. There are even coffee dishes and coffee drinks mixed with other types of beverages. Most coffee drinks from in Singapore however, are based on coffee and espresso and differ only in the strength of the flavor and the additional ingredients.

Here are some of the common coffee drinks you might want to include in your coffee push cart.

• Brewed Coffee

Brewed, filtered, and drip-brewed coffee is made using hot water on the roasted and ground coffee beans. The water is then filtered, leaving only the flavor and oil from the beans. This method is common in most coffee cart businesses.

• French Press

This type of coffee is made with the use of a French press brewer, which is equipped with a plunger to separate the coarse coffee grounds from the fine coffee ground.

• Espresso

One of the most popular coffee drinks you can sell in your mobile coffee is the espresso, which is made using the espresso machine. This coffee maker uses a small amount of boiling water and steam through compact ground coffee. Espresso is used to make popular coffee drinks, such as mocha, Americano, latte, Cuban, caffe crema, espresso Romano, rissetto, macchiato, and cappuccino.

• Cold Brew

This type of brewing process doesn’t use hot water, instead, the ground coffee beans are exposed to cold water for at least 12 hours.

• Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is different from the cold brewed coffee because its preparation follows the usually hot brew process, but the drink is served cold with ice. Some of the most common iced coffee drinks you can serve in your coffee push cart are frappe, ice shot, shakerato, mazagran, freddo cappuccino, palazzo, and freddo espresso.

• Coffee with Milk

There are different ways to prepare coffee with milk that you can serve in your mobile coffee cart business, such as the café au lait, cappuccino, espressino, latte, cortado, macchiato, latte macchiato, Viennese mélange, white coffee, kopi susu, flat white, egg coffee, and many more.

• Boiled Coffee

Also called percolated coffee, boiled coffee uses a specialized pot to brew the coffee by cycling the hot water through the ground coffee.

• Turkish Coffee

This is a type of traditional boiled coffee where the beans are ground into fine powder and then boiled to produce foam.

• Flavored Coffee

Flavored coffee is a combination of coffee and other ingredients such as cream, honey, cocoa powder, cinnamon, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, piloncillo, mocha syrup, Irish cream, hazelnut, and many more. If you want to set up a mobile coffee cart business with flavored coffee as your main product, you should experiment with different ingredients to create your own signature drink.

• Coffee with Tea

If you can mix coffee with milk, then you can also mix it with tea. Some of the most popular coffee and tea drinks you can serve at your coffee cart are red tie, ying yong or yuanyang, black tie, and chai latte.

• Coffee with Alcohol

Coffee and alcoholic beverages are also a thing and are sometimes referred to as liqueur coffee, which contain coffee, cream, cane sugar, whipped cream, and your choice of alcohol. Some of the most popular drinks you can serve in your mobile coffee are Baileys Irish cream; Russian coffee with vodka; Carajillo with whisky, brandy, rum or anisette; Kula with Amarula; Thai coffee with Sangsom; witch’s coffee with Strega; corfu coffee with koum quat; and brandy coffee.

• Vacuum Coffee

As the name suggests, this type of coffee is created using a vacuum coffee brewer, which has two chambers to produce the vacuum and vapor. This is commonly used to create coffee for food such as broths and hot cocktails.

• Instant Coffee

Instant coffee has been a life saver for most people at work and school and some businesses also capitalize on its popularity by making their own special instant coffee. For your mobile coffee business, you should learn the process of packing dehydrated granules or powder or concentrated liquid coffee using your own recipe.

• Decaffeinated Coffee

Decaffeinated coffee or decaf is a variety that has lower caffeine content than other types. Currently, there are four methods of removing caffeine that you should be familiar with.

Meanings of Popular Wedding Flowers and How to Use Them for Your Wedding

Choosing the flowers for your bridal bouquet doesn’t have to turn into such a stressful experience. You can always start off with incorporating your favorite flowers and work your way from there. To some brides-to-be, there might also be flowers they hold dear than most. Perhaps this flower contains cherished memories; such as being the very first flower given by their fiancée on their first date or being their mother’s favorite flower. It would be a nice homage to include them in your bouquet or floral decor.

Most bouquets sold by a wedding florist are anchored on the theme of love. To commemorate such a special event in a person’s life, it is important to include flowers which have romantic meanings and associations over the years. You can always go on with your personal interpretation of your desired bouquet, but allowing your florist to help you choose your wedding flowers is also one great option. If anything, your florist will help you bring your dream bouquet to life.

Your choices can range from a variety of sensational flowers, from the humble daisy to the beautiful rose. Getting inspired by mood boards in online aesthetic sites such as Pinterest can be of great help in brainstorming ideas, but nothing beats personally consulting a wedding florist. Keep in mind that your bridal flowers aren’t limited to your bouquet alone — it also involves your centerpiece flowers and even your wedding car decor.


Orchids are among the popular choices for wedding flowers especially in tropical countries. A number of brides in Singapore have also chosen this unique flower for its inherent charm and appeal. Orchids are known to symbolically represent beauty, which makes it fitting to have in one’s wedding. They also range in several varieties which you can choose from, available in shades of white, purple, and green.

They are often used in traditional and modern-themed weddings. As it remains a popular choice, a bridal bouquet shop for brides in Singapore that has orchids are notably breathtaking when used as part of full floral arrangements or minimalist single stems.


Peony is a flower which symbolizes happiness, which makes it a relevant option for a wedding. Aside from being a part of the bridal bouquet, the blooms are also a popular option for a wedding car decor. It’s not a surprise why it became a staple for bridal flowers. Peonies are composed of full flowers with fluffy and soft petals, and their size easily helps in filling a floral arrangement.

These are perfect for weddings with pale themes, especially because peonies combine well with light-colored arrangements. Not only that, the flowers also smell fragrant.


Daisies are one of the humble options for your floral decor. They come in a variety of sizes with colors you can choose from accordingly, making it a traditional and iconic bridal bloom. If your wedding takes on a vintage theme, the charm of daises is perfect in adding a nice nostalgic touch to the event. The flower is also associated with purity and innocence, making it a sought-after choice among Singapore brides for many years.

The blooms are not only lovely, but they are also noted to be low-maintenance. Whether you choose the iconic white and yellow daisies or opt for the bright and cheerful colors of gerbera daisies, it is undoubtedly a good choice for your wedding.


A romantic symbol, roses are certainly famous in every bridal bouquet. Roses symbolize love, hence it’s not merely a beautiful statement but it is also meaningful. Although they are pricey around certain seasons, the gorgeousness of these flowers are worth it. The inclusion of roses in your wedding flowers also easily give off the idea that something special is happening. Fortunately, the blooms are available in a rainbow-like choice of colors. Roses also pair well with other flowers, making it stress-free on your part to create luscious and lovely wedding flower arrangements.

Roses are also of sturdy nature. In fact, they are considered to be sturdier than other roses, which makes them a good option for corsages and boutonnieres. They are also perfect for elevated and hanging arrangements.


A few stems of hydrangea easily fills up your centerpiece or any other wedding floral decor. With a variety of shades to work with, your wedding florist knows how to make use of these flowers to achieve volume and desired texture in your floral arrangements. Hydrangeas are also flexible in terms of style and theme, making it compatible to incorporate in almost all weddings.

These blooms are perfect among tall and exquisite table arrangements. Additionally, it brings a hint of magical touch especially when arranged on a glass jar. Hydrangeas are also noted to be friendly among people with certain flower allergies.


Another wedding blooms staple, carnations are among the well-loved flowers by many brides in Singapore. The flowers are notably affordable (in comparison with other popular blooms) and they are available in a myriad of colors for you to freely choose from. Thanks to their sturdy nature, carnations are often incorporated in various flower arrangements such as flower ball centerpieces and ceremonial stage back drops.

These blooms have an inherent ruffled texture, adding a perfect texture when it comes to vintage-themed table centerpieces. If you can’t afford an arrangement composed entirely of pricey roses, carnations are also considered a great alternative. The good news is: they also blend well with roses!

Choosing the perfect flowers for your weddings blooms can get overwhelming at some point. It is only understandable, since you are presented a myriad options and you may end up liking more than one floral arrangement. Regardless, you don’t have to be a flower expert to sort out the predicament of your wedding flowers. With the help of a florist, you can easily work your way with the flowers you like, flowers which are friendly on your budget, and flowers which work well with your theme. Take it from there!

4 Easy Ways to Avoid Sugar

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: sugar is the number one enemy when trying to lose weight. Furthermore, an uncontrollable sweet tooth can cause diabetes, in addition to weight gain. Fortunately, you can do some little tweaks to your diet to help reduce your sugar intake and knock down a few pounds and risks for diseases. Here are some easy steps to help you avoid—or at least reduce—sugar consumption in a day.

1. Know Your Go-To Beverage
Try your best to avoid the temptation of getting yourself a bottle of soda or juice. When trimming down sugar intake, soda and juices are the first ones to get rid off in your diet. Instead, drink three to four litres of water a day to control your cravings for sweet drinks. If you can, try the water-apple-cider concoction. Mix two tablespoons of apple cider in a tall glass of water; drink this once a day. You can a dollop of natural honey to sweeten (in a good way) the drink a bit.

2. Buy Unsweetened Foods and Sweeten Them Yourself
If you just can’t help it and you want to eat something sweet, buy unsweetened food and sweeten them your own way. For instance, if you want a sweet yogurt for snacks, get a plain one and swirl in a teaspoon of maple syrup or organic honey in it. Do the same if you want sweeter oatmeal for breakfast. Instead of buying a box of flavoured oatmeal, get an unflavoured one and flavour it yourself with some honey and slices of fresh fruits.

3. Choose Sweet fruits Over Sweetened Foods
One of the favourite tricks of fitness experts is to replace sugar-laden foods with naturally sweet fruits. For example, to replace strawberry jam for your PB&J, warm up some frozen strawberries. A tablespoon of jam gives you 50 calories and is typically packed with three kinds of sweeteners: corn syrup, fructose and sugar. Half a cup of strawberries, warmed up and seasoned with a bit of cinnamon only contains 25 calories, plus added antioxidants, fibre and vitamins. Fruits—whether whether fresh, grilled, pureed or baked—make a healthy substitute for sugar in almost any dish, from salads to baked goods.

4. Make Your Own Salad Dressing
Bottles of salad dressings you often find in supermarkets can be secretly loaded with sugar. Your best bet? A home-made dressing. Master a healthy and delicious home-made dressing, and you’ll start craving for salads more. Isn’t that a good kind of craving?

Too much sugar is bad, but it’s also unrealistic to totally deprive yourself of a little sweetness. The best you can do is to choose your sweets wisely and always choose the natural sweets over artificially flavoured ones.

The Best Foods to Eat Before a Workout

Remember: do not exercise on an empty stomach. For an hour of workout—running, cycling and lifting weights—you need to have a combination of carbs and proteins an hour before hitting the gym. The right pre-workout foods will provide you enough energy to perform strenuous exercises and nutrients for muscle repair afterwards. Here’s a guide for the right foods to eat before a workout session.

1. Snack Bars
Snacking on nutritious treats that’s high in fibre and protein will keep you feeling full for longer hours and control your hunger before a workout. Munch on one or two nut bars to help curb hunger and prevent you from craving sugary or carb-heavy foods after a workout session.

2. Nutrients Over Calories
A nutrient-packed snack is more ideal as it provides more nutrient content per calorie. A bowl of cereal, for instance, provides 250 calories, plus vitamins, fibre and calcium; compared to a bar of chocolate with equal amount of calories, but minus the nutritional content. Always pick snacks with healthier and more natural ingredients, such as nuts, yogurt and dried fruits.

3. More Protein Than Carbs
Perhaps, you already knew that protein-rich foods are more filling than foods rich in carbs. When fuelling the body before an hour of exercise, a protein-based snack suct as edamame beans, nuts, Greek yogurt and hummus 30 minutes to an hour before hitting the gym will help get the best results of your workout.

4. Healthy Fats
Healthy fats are ideal snacks, too. Fats may have a bad reputation, but you shouldn’t steer clear from the good ones. Pre-workout snacks with tuna, salmon and/or avocados are rich in good fats, meaning small amount of these foods will keep you pumping for an hour and help your muscles perform its best.

5. Simple Carbs for Last-Minute Energy Boost
Unlike complex carbohydrates, simple carbs digest easily and can give you that much needed last-minute energy boost if you feel flagging while on the way to the gym. For a quick energy boost snack on crackers, rice cakes or oatmeal, but try to avoid their sugary versions.

6. Eat at the Right Time
When snacking before and after working out, timing is essential. Try having a 150-calorie snack 45 minutes to an hour before a workout. A well-balanced meal three to four hours prior to exercising will also provide you with energy to be at your most effective state when working out after a nine-to-six shift.

If you’re trying to lose weight, remember to eat before an exercise. Starving yourself before a workout will only drain out your remaining energy and fuel your cravings afterwards. Before heading to the gym, make sure to snack on the right treats.

Fool-Proof Signs You’re Being Emotionally Abused by Your Partner

Every couple goes through rough times in their relationship; you fight and unintentionally hurt each other. But if every interaction you have with your partner causes you to feel fear, anxiety or dread – and you don’t know why you’re feeling that way since he has never hit you – then you might be a victim of emotional abuse. While it may not leave any physical marks, being emotionally abused could just as harmful as being physically abused by someone. Here, we’ve listed down some fool-proof signs that would tell as to whether or not you’re in a relationship with an emotionally abusive partner.


1.       He Criticizes You Regularly

There’s no problem if he’s just giving you constructive criticisms from time to time, but if he constantly criticizes for just everything that you do, then that could be a sign that you’re dealing with an emotionally abusive person. This person’s criticisms often range from disapproving your attire to lecturing you on the life choices you’re making. As a result, you end up feeling worthless and you seek his approval more, which is something that’s hard to come by.

2.       He Humiliates You in Public

Innocent jesting is completely different from outright humiliation. So if your significant other has a habit of humiliating you both in public and private, then they’re emotionally abusing you. He will simply wave you off by saying that “you’re just too sensitive”, distorting how you view the situation so you’ll think that you’re just overreacting on his jokes.


3.       He Ignores Your Relationship Concerns

Stonewalling happens in a relationship when one of you refuses to communicate, choosing instead to ignore the issue in your relationship and dismiss difficult conversations. The effect it leaves? You’ll think that your concerns don’t matter and your feelings are not as important as you think they are.

4.       He Doesn’t Support Your Plans or Achievements

Perhaps you decided to take on a hobby you’re excited about or received a job promotion from your boss, but when you shared the good news to your significant other, he seems to be less than thrilled. He wants you to stay where you are so you won’t have a chance to outgrow him or realize that you actually deserve better.

5.       He Makes You Feel That You’re the Problem

You now start making excuses for him because he finally succeeded in making you believe that you deserve everything he gives you. Eventually, you’ll also start thinking that’s it’s you who’s asking for too much and that he’s just the poor guy trying to put in your relationship.

Knowing these signs is crucial to protect yourself from an emotionally abusive partner and relationship. Regardless of what he says, remember that you’re worthy of all the good things that the world has to offer. So walk away now and start doing things that can make you a happier and better person.

Man being angry at woman and using violence

How to Get Your Adult Financial Life Together

Now that you’ve finally graduated from college, and entered what most people call “the real world,” it’s about time you start working on your finances. For many, this is can be a big and overwhelming step, but if you just follow these expert savings tips, then getting your financial life together will definitely be easier.


1.       Establish Your Financial Goals

As cliché as it may seem, establishing your financial goals is one of the first steps you should take to get your adult financial life together. You start by dividing your goals into three categories: short-term goals (0-3 years), mid-term goals (3-7 years) and long-term goals (7+ years). After identifying which goal falls under each category, start mapping out a plan of action that’ll help you achieve these goals within their respective timeframe. With this, your financial goals will seem more achievable.

2.       Create a Monthly Spending Plan

A monthly spending plan will help in identifying where your hard-earned cash should go – your needs and your wants. Your needs are the fixed expenses that you have, such food, clothing, rent, transportation, utilities, etc. Your wants, on the other hand, include internet services, cable bills, magazine subscriptions and the like. After identifying all your expenses, create a system that’ll help you pay your fixed expenses in a timely manner. Your wants can be included in your budget, but ensure that you keep track of your expenditures to assure that you’re not veering away from your plan.


3.       Set an Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is one of the necessities that you don’t realize you need until you actually need it. Emergency situations that require such funding include job loss, medical expenses, auto and home repairs, or any other circumstances that disrupt the flow of your life. You can start creating an emergency fund by setting aside 10 percent of your income until you save a month’s worth of expenses. Once you accomplish that, increase your savings goal to two months and so forth. Remember that your emergency fund should amount to three to six months’ worth of monthly expenses so you’ll have enough lead time to get back on your feet.

4.       Use Your Credit Wisely

Having a good credit is crucial in getting your financial life together. Not only will it help you purchase your dream house and car, it could also help you land your dream job. The first step to wisely use your credit is to understand that it’s not free money, and should only be used for emergencies. It’s also important that you check your credit report once a year to ensure that your credit report is accurate.

Graduating from college signifies an end to your collegiate era and the beginning of your adult life. So start your life in the “real world” right by implementing the aforementioned tips, and you’ll see that being an adult can be fun and enjoyable too.



How to Compare Car Servicing Prices

If you ever had to decide between two auto repair shops, you know the choice isn’t as easy as simply comparing their service rates. To make the right decision, you need to know what questions to ask and how to sort through various car servicing quotes. Here’s a quick check:

Mechanics at a car repair shop

1. Determine the Service Your Car Needs
Before calling car repair shops to compare their prices, take some time to determine exactly what kind of services your car needs. Take a look at your service history document and car manual. Does your car need an interim, a full, or a specific type of service? Although an interim costs less than getting a full service, keep in mind that carrying out the correct service that your car needs will prevent breakdowns and expensive issues in the future. If you’re not sure about the type of service your ride needs, simply talk to a mechanic and ask about his recommendations for your car.

2. Compare Prices of Two or More Auto Repair Shops
After deciding on the type of service your car needs, call two or three repair shops in your local area in Singapore and ask them for price quotations. Just remember to tell the same information for each shop. (Of course, you can contact more auto repair shops if you want.)

3. Check on Reputable Sites That Specialize in Car Repair
With the availability of helpful information on various websites, estimating the actual fair cost of the repairs your vehicle might need is now easier. Two of the best websites that offer such service are RepairPal and AutoMD. Just make sure that you enter the right information about your car, such as its model and year and the repairs you’re planning to have.

4. Use Your Connections
Apart from checking the Internet, this is also a good way to get repair estimates from a few car servicing workshop in Singapore for comparison. Although the process is a bit slower and the results are more difficult to interpret, you will still end up with a first-hand experience on how much a car maintenance and repair should cost.

Use social media to get quick responses and opinions from your friends without spending a lot of time. This strategy is great especially if you know someone who works in the automotive industry, since they will have some practical knowledge to help you estimate and compare repair costs.

car service2

5. Get Details on the Services to Be Done
The best way to compare costs is to ensure that you get a list of all the checks involved with the service your car needs. Some car servicing shops carry out few standard checks with their basic service, instead of simply checking as per the service schedule of the manufacturer. Clearly, you will be paying more for a full range checks with your vehicle, but doing this will prevent breakdowns and other issues from occurring later on.

6. Ask if the Shop Uses OE Quality Parts
Some car repair shops are able to offer lower prices on their service since they use parts that don’t meet the standards of the car manufacturer. On the contrary, shops that use OE quality parts charge a little more since they use high quality parts that last longer and function a lot better than most non-OE quality parts. If your car is under warranty, experts recommend going with a shop that uses OE quality parts since opting for lower quality car parts might void your warranty.

7. Inquire About the Type of Oil the Shop Uses
Another factor that affects a shop’s servicing price is the type of oil they use on vehicles. Some shops are able to get by with cheap service charges because they use low quality oil, which may cause some problems to your vehicle over time. So as you visit your prospective car repair shops, make sure to inquire about the type of oil they are using, as well as whether or not that particular oil could be used for your car engine.

Close up of male auto mechanic working on engine in auto repair shop

Extra Tips for Asking Car Servicing Estimates

• When you’re asking for servicing estimates, make sure that you’re doing it politely. There’s no reason for you to be rude when you’re checking for estimates, and being polite will surely make your conversations with your prospective mechanics more satisfying.

• If you have little to no knowledge about cars, have a more experienced relative or friend call the repair shops for you. Just ensure that the person takes time in explaining the difference between each estimate so you can choose which car service suits your needs.

• If you bought a second-hand unit and don’t have a record of its history, ask a mechanic on your prospective repair shops about the costs of getting a review of the car, as well as catching up on any missed maintenance.

• Check repair shops that relatives, friends, and colleagues frequently visit, since these shops are more trustworthy the newer repair shops or those that can’t hold customers for long periods of time.

• Although it’s good to have lesser expenses in terms of car repairs, remember that cheaper isn’t always better. In fact, the key to getting the best car services is getting more value for your money, and not necessarily paying less.

Comparing the prices of various repair shops may seem like a daunting task, but doing so is what will help determine the right shop for you. So put the aforementioned tips to work now, and start calling your prospective auto repair shops in your area.

Skin Care 101: Working on the “Outside”

As you age, your skin gets saggy and rough. It is normal but you just can’t sit there idly and watch your glow fade away. You have to do something immediately. The good thing is that there are many Singaporeans out there who take good care of their skin; you only need to know their routine. As if they will tell you. It is time that you consider establishing your own skin care routine.


Before anything else, how do you know if you have rough and dry skin? Well, you just need to skim your fingers across your cheeks. If it feels smooth and silky, you are giving justice to your skin but if it is rough and dry, you have to take action right away. Your goal here is to make your skin firm, plump, silky and smooth.

Sounds easy, right? In reality, it is not. There are many things that you have to consider when you want to establish a skin care routine or regimen. Treating the skin is two-way – inside and outside. It is crucial that you start from the inside. What does this mean? Remember an old adage “you are what you eat”. Whatever you consume, it will reflect on you.

You will have a silky and youthful glow if you take care of the food that you eat. Start by drinking a lot of water as it can make your skin suppler. You should also never forget about eating vegetables and fruits (especially in shades of green, orange and red) as it can provide the body with vitamins A, C and E. Do not forget to exercise as it is great for your skin.


Now that you have worked on the inside, you need to work on the outside. This means truly establishing a routine that works best for you. What should you consider when finding a good skin care routine that works best for you? Here are some reminders:

  • Look for niacinamide: There are many cosmetics or skin care products in the market these days – it is only a matter of finding which is good for your skin. You start by looking for niacinamide ingredient your skin tightening. This will give a boost to skin with the use of elastin and collagen.


  • Find exfoliation: Aside from elastin and collagen, you have to ensure that you shed more dead skin cells. As you age, shedding will be slower. To aid in shedding, look for products that can exfoliate the skin. It will surely prevent dulling of the skin.


  • Secure for moisturizers: Finally, it is important that the water is locked in the surface of the skin and that is where moisturizers come in.


6 Secrets to a Smooth and Glowing Skin

Singaporean women are very particular about skin. You only have one skin after all so it is imperative that you take good care of it. There are two ways to determine if your skin is good or not – skim your fingers across your cheek and examine your face in the mirror.


If you skimmed your fingers across your check and find that it is rough, you have to take action right away. A healthy skin should be silken or smooth. If you examined your face in the mirror and see that it is papery or thin, you have to immediately bring it back to life. Your face should look firm and plumped.

You should not fret because you can always get your skin back to its former glory. The trick here is to work from the inside out. You do not just apply cosmetics because you believe it can do all the work. It is time that you evaluate what you eat or consume as well. Here are some secrets to smooth and glowing skin:

1. Drink water. You have to know that water brings a lot of health benefits. If you drink enough water, it can actually increase your circulation thereby supporting a suppler and healthier skin. You already know the daily recommended water intake.

2. Take green tea. The good thing about green tea is it contains antioxidants called catechins. This antioxidant can help the body evade inflammation as well as damage to the skin.

3. Eat more vegetables and fruits. You need antioxidants that are found in vegetables and fruits. To be sure, choose vegetables and fruits in shades of red, orange and green. It contains vitamins A, C and E which are good for the skin.


4. Use products for skin tightening. As you get old, your skin will be saggy. You need to bounce back so secure products that encourage skin tightening. When looking for skin tightening, look for a particular ingredient – niacinamide (or often called vitamin B3). This will fortify the surface of the skin to make it more robust.

5. Exfoliate. Your skin will shed fewer dead skin cells. If this continues, the cells will surely be accumulated on the surface thereby making the skin appear dull, dry and rough. This is the reason why you have to use exfoliation to your routine.

6. Use a moisturizer. In addition to using skin tightening and exfoliation, you have to make sure that you apply moisturizer. Moisturizer is good since it has the power to lock in the water left on the surface of your skin. Remember that a skin that is moisturized is smoother and suppler to touch.


Ways to Fit In to Workplace Dress Code

Getting your office outfit right every single day is a challenge. Especially when starting a new job, it can be tricky to put together an outfit that will make a good first impression, while still considering your comfort and style. Even long-term employees can find themselves in work wear fashion rut at times. Whether you’re stepping up you workplace fashion or just want to start off on the right foot, this guide will help you during those times of company dress code uncertainty.


1.       Fit Into the Office Culture

Make your wardrobe choices based on how formally or casually your colleagues in the office dress up. This does not mean you have to forget about your personal style and definitely does not mean that you should be a copycat. Your aim is to look like a representative of the team and the company you’re working for.

2.       Avoid Casual Fridays

When dressing down on a Friday, perhaps because you have a party to attend to after work, be careful with how casual to be at the office. Unless you’re the founder of the company, it’s never going to be okay to dress in tees and jeans. Flip flips are never acceptable in any office environment as well, unless your office has sand and ocean. And even if Pinterest showed you ways to dress up a pair of ripped jeans in the office, higher level and older staff may not appreciate the trend as much as you do, so you may want to be extra mindful with that aspect.


3.       Find Subtle Ways to Glam Up

If you’re unsure of how much is too much, your best bet is to go for less. Wear classic jewelleries—think of stud earrings and a simple gold or silver necklace. The same goes for your make-up. Save the smoky eye for after-office fun time; not when pouring coffee in the office pantry at nine in the morning.

4.       Keep Yourself Well-Groomed

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how a polished look can be set back by chipped manicure or worse body odour. These things can get easily set aside when the job gets stressful or if you woke up late because your alarm did not go off. However, you should never go to work without brushing your teeth, with dirty hands and with hair that looks like have been through windstorm. You want to look and smell good, and not to be “that girl” in the office with terrible B.O. (body odour).

Looking presentable at work requires a bit of thought and effort, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. When dressing for the office, remember that less is more. Keep it simple, classic and appropriate.


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