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Every year (since 2007), countries would encourage their citizens to turn off all their appliances for an hour. Even if it is only one hour, it can create a big impact in the environment. This year, Singapore will welcome guests to spearhead this annual event. Singaporeans are excited to see the casts of The Amazing Spiderman 2.

The stars include Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx and Andrew Garfield. The three stars will help switch off the lights of the Marina Bay skyline. Singapore Earth Hour will commence on March 29, 2014 at exactly 8:30pm. You can participate by going to MBS (Marina Bay Sands) on March 29 to watch the stars turn off the lights. Apart from this, here are some things that you can do to participate in Earth Hour:


Turn off your lights at exactly 8:30

If you can survive without lights for an hour, you should not think of lighting a candle let alone kinetic powered lights. If you cannot endure the darkness, only turn off the lights that are not needed in your household.

Turn off appliances

Other people believe that Earth Hour only asks you to turn off your lights. That is only a part of it. You also need to turn off your appliances for an hour. That will surely reduce the emissions and the electric bill.

Share it

As mentioned above, Earth Hour seeks to raise awareness about the impact of energy use vis-à-vis climate change. You can contribute greatly if you share this to your friends or other relatives. Earth Hour is for everybody.


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