Preparing for Your Simple Yet Elegant Wedding



Going back to your simple yet elegant wedding, it is possible. You do not need wedding planners because it means additional cost. You can handle everything on your own as long as you have a guide. You can consider the following guide:

Budget limit

Yes you want an inexpensive wedding but you should still determine your budget limit or ceiling. This means that you should set how much money you are willing to shed out for your wedding. This is the first thing that you should do so you can effectively allot budget for the reception, gowns, wedding photography and video.


Reception area

Reception is not a problem here in Singapore because there are lots of places you can consider. If you found the right place, you should book it. If there are better deals or offers, do not hesitate to consider it.

Gown and suits

You should consider gown rentals. Gown rentals are not that worse. You should try it and you will be surprised how elegant it can look. Few alterations and modifications can make a difference. Do not forget about your groom’s suit. Oh, you still have your entourage to dress. The lesser the entourage, the cheaper it will cost you.


Wedding photography and video

It is natural to relive moments with wedding photography singapore and video. If you have friends or you know someone you demands a little amount of money, you should hire them.

Food and flowers

Food and flowers give life to the celebration, especially in the various and rich cultures of Singapore. You should find caterers and arrangers that are not that expensive. You should look for cakes too!


Honeymoon trip (optional)

Honeymoon is always there but there are people who consider honeymoon trips. You deserve honeymoon trip but if you see it unnecessary and costly, you can discard it. You can have your trip after everything is settled. Anyway, the place won’t go anywhere.

See? You do not need to spend so much money just to have an elegant wedding. The thought of a nice reception, excellent food and good company are enough to make your wedding a memorable one. The wedding is just part of the whole married life. How much you spend in the wedding is not a basis of success of your marriage. Years from now, you will look at your wedding photography and see that you had a beautiful wedding even without spending a lot. There are other people with grand weddings but they never got that far to think they established quite a start.


You should be thankful of the opportunity to get married. Try not to think about the cheapness or simplicity of your wedding. The important thing is you love each other and the commitment to make things work no matter how ugly it gets is there.

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