Singapore Law – Don’t Get Naked or Else

Almost everyday in our lives, we need to change dress especially that the weather here is very hot.  You have take your clothes off and wear a new one. However, you have to be careful when you do this even in your own house because you might be jailed.


Singapore’s Weather

Here in the country, the temperature is humid. Basically, you will experience here a hot weather. Therefore, expect to sweat hardly. Like in other countries near the equator, people wear the mot comfortable shirt that they have so that they can combat the scorching heat.


The Don’t Get Naked Law

Many Singaporeans allow themselves to wear two-piece at the beach and wear something lose when  they are at home. Actually, the law was created because the are many girls who complain that they are being watched by guys. Now, there have implemented a law that punishes all individual who wear nothing even if they are at their own home. Even if you are confident that nobody can see you, you still need to close you windows to have an assurance that no one will see you. It’s a strange law but it is really happening in the country and once you are caught looking at someone’s window or you are the one who’s not wearing anything, expect a huge fine. Another reason that prohibit Singaporeans get naked it is because it means pornography.


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