Skin Care 101: Working on the “Outside”

As you age, your skin gets saggy and rough. It is normal but you just can’t sit there idly and watch your glow fade away. You have to do something immediately. The good thing is that there are many Singaporeans out there who take good care of their skin; you only need to know their routine. As if they will tell you. It is time that you consider establishing your own skin care routine.


Before anything else, how do you know if you have rough and dry skin? Well, you just need to skim your fingers across your cheeks. If it feels smooth and silky, you are giving justice to your skin but if it is rough and dry, you have to take action right away. Your goal here is to make your skin firm, plump, silky and smooth.

Sounds easy, right? In reality, it is not. There are many things that you have to consider when you want to establish a skin care routine or regimen. Treating the skin is two-way – inside and outside. It is crucial that you start from the inside. What does this mean? Remember an old adage “you are what you eat”. Whatever you consume, it will reflect on you.

You will have a silky and youthful glow if you take care of the food that you eat. Start by drinking a lot of water as it can make your skin suppler. You should also never forget about eating vegetables and fruits (especially in shades of green, orange and red) as it can provide the body with vitamins A, C and E. Do not forget to exercise as it is great for your skin.


Now that you have worked on the inside, you need to work on the outside. This means truly establishing a routine that works best for you. What should you consider when finding a good skin care routine that works best for you? Here are some reminders:

  • Look for niacinamide: There are many cosmetics or skin care products in the market these days – it is only a matter of finding which is good for your skin. You start by looking for niacinamide ingredient your skin tightening. This will give a boost to skin with the use of elastin and collagen.


  • Find exfoliation: Aside from elastin and collagen, you have to ensure that you shed more dead skin cells. As you age, shedding will be slower. To aid in shedding, look for products that can exfoliate the skin. It will surely prevent dulling of the skin.


  • Secure for moisturizers: Finally, it is important that the water is locked in the surface of the skin and that is where moisturizers come in.


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