The Importance of Advanced Cardiac Training

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is one of the leading causes of deaths among Americans every year. It occurs when a person’s heart suddenly stops beating. While this sounds like a heart attack, SCA is far different. SCA strikes without warning; a victim seems fine one second only to have his heart stop the very next. This is why advanced cardiac training is so important. You have no idea when SCA could happen so it’s always better to be prepared for that situation. Although older people are more prone to SCA, anyone can be affected anytime and anywhere.


Difference between SCA and heart attack

A heart attack happens when the flow of blood to the heart is stopped. One of the most common causes of heart attack is the buildup of fatty plaques along the arteries. If nothing is done, this buildup will grow thick enough to block the flow of blood within the arteries. The heart will continue beating, but the fatty plaques will stop oxygen-rich blood from reaching a certain section of the heart.

That section will die off if the artery is not reopened quickly. Heart attack doesn’t occur immediately. It can take some time from the blockage of the artery to the death of the affected section. Symptoms can sometimes persist for a few days before the actual heart attack happens.

SCA on the other hand, involves a malfunction of the heart. You see, the rate of your heartbeat is actually controlled by an electrical system. When a problem occurs with this electrical system, your heartbeat can turn irregular. Your heart won’t be able to pump blood to your body’s vital organs such as your brain. This could lead to death within minutes. Unlike with a heart attack, there is no prior warning to when SCA may strike.


How to fight SCA

Even though SCA can happen anytime without warning, it doesn’t mean you are completely unprotected. An ACLS certification course can prepare you to help anyone who suffers from SCA. ACLS stands for advanced cardiac life support. An ACLS medical training will give you guidelines and instructions on what to do in the event that someone nearby suffers from SCA.

How to choose the right ACLS medical training

It’s better if the ACLS certification course is accredited by the American Heart Association (AHA). Take note that the AHA doesn’t accredit online courses. They require an in-person skills test for the trainee and for good reason. Would you want to rely on someone who just read articles online on how to treat SCA victims, or would you prefer someone who has gone through an actual skills test? This doesn’t mean you can’t take an online course but an ACLS medical training accredited by the AHA will be more helpful in dealing with an SCA situation.

Advanced cardiac training can be one of the most important courses you may ever learn. Because a person can die within minutes after suffering from SCA, there might not be enough time to wait for an ambulance. Knowing how to handle the situation when SCA strikes can help save many lives.

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