The Role of Play Time in Your Child’s Development


here are parents who are strict about the play time of their kids. These parents want their kids to spend most of their time studying than playing. Some parents believe that playing is a waste of time. But in truth, kids can learn a lot of things while playing. On February 23, 2014, Singapore celebrated the family festival.

The Singapore family festival featured unstructured play. The event was called “Back to Play!” The event sought to show the value of playing for children. It seeks to connect playing with learning. Parents get to play with their kids too. In this event, parents are taught of the roles of pay time in their child’s development. Here are some roles of play time:


  • Boosting Self-Confidence – Playing can increase the self-confidence of your kid. There are shy kids but when they play, they go out of their shell and enjoy everything.
  • Practicing Social Skills – Playing can also encourage your kids to socialize with fellow kids. Kids communicate through their toys. Toys will surely break the barriers and the ice.
  • Stimulating Curiosity – Kids are naturally curious. They always question the things around them. In playing, their curiosity is stimulated. You will know that they try to get answers.
  • Fostering Creativity – Adults will see a toy plainly but when children see it, they imagine a lot of things. Their imagination and creativity are unlimited. You will be amazed how they give life to their toys.

Now that you know play time is not a waste of time, you should encourage your child to play. Children loves to play, do not take it away from them. As they grow up, they will realize the things that are expected from them.


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