The SGFP Challenge

Last September 14-15, 2013, SGFPC (Singapore Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge) took place. The motto is “partnership in readiness. The event was held at the Singapore Expo, Hall 1. Since this is a global event, there are many people who joined and presented their skills when it comes to challenges  based on real life scenarios. There were numerous activities to include:

Firefighter and Paramedic Challenge

The highlight was the firefighters and paramedics challenge where a Azmir Ali Ameer Ali won. The 27 year old firefighter who competed with 450 firefighters and paramedics around the world won in the international category. He also got the fastest time which is known as the Braveheart.

CERT  Battle

CERT battle comes in two forms Community Emergency Response Teams and Company Emergency Response Teams. Community ERT speaks of the community’s responsiveness when it comes to disasters while the Company ERT speaks of the company or organization’s preparedness when accidents happen in the workplace.

Learning Life Saving Skills

If you visited the event, you surely left with a lot of live saving skills. These skills can make or break you. For sure you learned things like methods used in rescuing persons in danger of drowning, recovering, resuscitating and many more.

Remember that we do not know when something will happen so it is better to be prepared and skilled. If things happen like fire, flood or earthquake, we have more chances of making it alive because we are knowledgeable. The information that you learned from the SGFPC and the CERT battle should be spread and shared. See you around next year!

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