The Unrequited Love: To the Ones Who Have Been Broken


So, what can we do about it? It is undeniably difficult to move on and let go, but that’s how it should be, you are in dire need to let go:


1.    Look for someone else!

Of course, this advice is easier said than done when all you have in mind is nothing but comparison of your former love to the new person right in front of you. That mental behavior is poisonous to your quest to moving on and finding happiness again. Finding someone new is the fastest way to get past the heartbreak, a new love interest and distraction, at least for that matter, can help you realize that your world doesn’t end when someone says they don’t love you back.

2.    Get a Good Understanding of Why Your Love Wasn’t Returned

You’re nice. You have a good and decent job. You drove 5 long hours just to see him. You are effortful, right? So, what went wrong?

Sometimes, we focus so much into ourselves that we overlook the other person. There are many possible reasons why your affection was not reciprocated. Have you tried considering what the person was actually looking for? Have you ever thought that, maybe, this person was just emotionally unavailable? And probably, you just set the wrong expectations. Some people are not just good at loving, and it’s a reality. When you are able to comprehend the situation, it’ll be easier for you to get your life back.

 3.    Get A Life, Seriously.

Go out. Exercise and do what you really enjoy, it may be baking, wall climbing or canoeing—find anything that will keep your attention and mind busy! At night, resist from listening to love songs and romantic Netflix. You can call your friends instead and tell them how your day went or make yourself ridiculously tired the entire day that you have no option but to drop and sleep the moment you hit the bedroom.


4.    Plan your Future

What better way to distract yourself from heartbreak than turning your cheek and project the future you want to have for yourself. Get into the habit of thinking what lies ahead and how you can better it. This will also help you figure out your action plans at present so you can direct your future the way you want it.

5.    Detach Yourself From Anyone and Anything that Reminds you of your Former Love

The greatest enemy of moving on is memory. Memories bring back feelings, the same old feeling you had when you were at that certain moment. After being high, you will remember how painful it is because it did not work out, and you begin to feel down again. It’s not healthy. You are at the point of your life where you want to start anew and staying connected with people and objects that remind you of the perpetrator won’t make it easier. Don’t forget that you need to stop social media stalking, too!

6.    Learn to forgive

If you want to be truly happy, without reminiscing pain when you look back in the past, then learn to give true forgiveness. Forgiving is not entirely for the person who hurt you but most importantly it’s for yourself. It may take a while before you can actually reach this stage but take baby steps every day and you will soon realize that you have freed one prisoner from all the pain, anger, shame and anxiety—and that is you.


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