Things to Do to Achieve Long Life

It is true that all people will die and all that we can do is to lengthen it. Nowadays, it is very hard to live a healthy life because of the many transformation that the earth has encountered. In the old times, age is not a problem because you can live more than one hundred years. In fact, it can reach thousands. However, today, even a 3-digit age is very difficult to reach and there are only few people who can reach the age of 100.


Can you remember the old woman who named Jeanne Calment. She was one of the oldest individual who lived more than 100 years. She passed away in 1997. Her age was a shocking 122 years old. As a matter of fact, when she was at the age of 85, she still plays fencing and what’s more amazing, she ride a bicycle when she was already 100. But now, all of those are very difficult to achieve.

If you want to be someone who want to reach the age of more than 100, then, you can follow the tips below:


  • Avoid being fat: Stroke, heart attack, cancer and diabetes – these are only few illnesses that you can get when you are fat. Also, it will really shorten your life.
  • Eat the right and exact amount of food: With the right kind of food and the exact amount you eat every day, you can assure that you will live longer.

Leading a healthy lifestyle

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