Tinder: Changing the Face of the Dating Scene

Being single when you are in your late twenties or your early thirties is upsetting for some people. Everybody wants to meet different people, the chance to date, or if lucky, maybe settle down in the future.


One problem people experience when they want to be in the dating scene is when there is no opportunity to meet people of the opposite sex. Now, there’s a good way to meet people who are interested in dating. The answer can simply be found in your smartphone.

There’s a new dating application a lot of people are raving about and it’s called Tinder. It’s dominating the United Kingdom, United States, and now even Asian countries like Singapore.

What’s Tinder?


Tinder is an online dating app used by a lot of people to look for potential love matches in an area just close to you. Now, this is very helpful for people who are not interested in long distance relationships.

So, how does it work?

First, you have to download the app into your smartphone. The GPS will be used to find your location and then it will use your Facebook account information to create a Tinder profile. Your profile will consist of your first name, your age and photos of you which you will be able to choose.

To start looking for possible partners, Tinder will use your information and give you some choices. If you are interested in the person, you can swipe it to the right to ‘like’ or if not, you can just swipe the other direction to ‘pass’.


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