What You Can Do About Air Pollution

Pollution of any kind is hazardous in the health and the earth of course. Not only big industries contribute to it but also households. You should know that you contributed to the rise of pollution. In fact, all people are the main culprit. Somehow pollution is part of development. We cannot stop development but we can lessen pollution.

Pollution comes in different forms. There’s water pollution, chemical pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution and air pollution. In this case, let us consider air pollution. Air pollution originates from the burning of fossil fuels. The burning release harmful chemicals (like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and other particulates) to the atmosphere and in return goes back to the people by breathing it. Aside from burning, pollution also originates from decomposing garbage (which give off methane gas) and household products (which gives off Volatile Organic Chemicals).

NEA (National Environment Agency) is doing its best to minimize air pollution by releasing guidelines and codes for industrial plants and other manufacturing companies. NEA also updates the people of the air quality by releasing PSI forecasts on a daily basis. The government is acting on it, what can you do? As a citizen, you need to do something to lessen air pollution. You can begin by:

Reduce usage of your appliances

If it can be helped, minimize or reduce the use of your appliances like refrigerator and air conditioners. They release Volatile Organic Compounds.

Consider motor pool or public transportation

Motor or automobiles burn fuels. If you want to help lessen the emission, you can consider motor pools or public transportation (like bus, taxi or MRT).

Avoid burning waste materials

Burning of waste materials will release particles in the atmosphere. Segregate properly and throw your garbage in the proper place.

In your own little way, you can do something about air pollution.

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