Where to Go for a Taste of Drama

Here in Singapore, there are many people that are drawn to performing arts because of the overflowing talents and exhilarating productions. The government encourages local performers but to date, there are many international productions that are appealing to the hearts of local audiences. If at this moment you want to support local talents or performers, you should head consider:


Bangsawan is a Malay Opera but unfortunately the performances are now infrequent. Bangsawan illustrates typical tales of love and betrayal. Basically, Bangsawan revolves around Malay myths. Bangsawan also shares children’s tales like Sang Nila Utama, Bawang Putih and Merah.

If you want to witness Bangsawan performances, you can watch it on variety TV shows executed by Sri Warisan dance troupe.

Singapore Symphony Orchestra

SSO (Singapore Symphony Orchestra) is located in Victoria Concert Hall. The orchestra is celebrating its 31 years of service and excellence. The orchestra is comprised of 96 members. From its inception, the SSO performed thousands of sold-out concerts. For concert schedules and other concerns, you can call (+65) 6338-1230.

Singapore Chinese Orchestra

SCO (Singapore Chinese Orchestra) is located in Singapore Conference Hall. SCO is the only Chinese orchestra here in Singapore. The orchestra is comprised of 75 members. The orchestra performed in various international events. It is surely something to be proud of as a Singaporeans. For concert schedules and other concerns, you can call (+65) 6557-4034.

If you want to watch international productions, you should watch out for advisories. Don’t worry because you will be properly informed when there are international productions around the corner. You should not forget to secure your tickets before it is too late. Whatever you want to watch, the important thing here is you appreciate the art and you enjoy the performances.

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