3 Weight Loss Mistakes We Should Stop Doing

After all the eating and pigging out we have indulged ourselves in during the holidays, it’s time to start losing pounds and eating smartly. However, weight loss is not as simple as cutting down on our food intake. It is a complex process and if it is not done properly, it can result to more harm than good.


Enumerated below are just some of the worst weight loss mistakes that we could make. Read up and remain informed on the right way to lose weight.

Depending on exercise alone

One of the biggest weight loss myths is that it’s okay to eat anything you want because you’ll burn it all when you slave away in the gym. Unfortunately, there is no truth in this. According to fitness experts, there are parts of the body that can be toned by spending time in the gym but sadly for people who are dreaming of having abs, you can never have it if you don’t cut back on your calorie intake.

“Fat-free” and “low fat”


Many of us believe that things that are labelled “fat free” or “low fat” are healthier than most of food products. However, these labels are nothing but a marketing strategy. Low fat products are often packed with a lot of sugar, making it bad for all of us. Eliminating all forms of fat from your diet is also not the way to go. We should remember that there are certain types of fat that are healthy for us and can even help promote weight loss.

Diet coke and other diet drinks

If you are obsessed with diet beverages, then this is probably the right time to stop. A study made some findings that people who consume diet drinks on a daily basis experience a 70 percent increase in their waistline sizes. Furthermore, artificial sweeteners present in diet drinks can trigger appetite, making us eat more.


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