5 Flooring Solutions Perfect for Your Flooring Needs

When decorating your space, never underestimate the power that flooring has when it comes to setting the mood of your home. So, to help you choose the right flooring solution for your space, choose from these five flooring materials shared by some home decorating experts.


1.       Textured and Twist Designs

Wool sisal was a popular flooring solution a decade ago for it perfectly mimicked the texture of jute, and provided a lush underfoot feeling. But with all the innovations in the fibre technology, it’s no longer the only carpet option capable of providing both comfort and texture for your space. Several carpet manufacturers already produce textured and twist carpet designs made from polypropylene fibres or nylon that are capable of giving the same feeling as wool sisal.

2.       Allergy and Asthma-Friendly Designs

People who suffer from asthma and allergies no longer need to compromise their flooring solution, all thanks to the discovery of asthma and allergy-friendly carpet range. With this carpet option, you can already work with your flooring without worrying about the asthma or allergies of your kids or any family member.

3.       Coloured Carpets

Just like with interior designs, carpet colours also became diversified, adding in new palettes set in blue, grey and green bases. To choose the right shade for your space, borrow a sample of each colour and view it in your home at different times of the day.

Major Stripe Striped Carpet

4.       Durable and Stain-Resistant Designs

Some of the key features of the carpets available today are durability and stain resistance. Placing a textured or twist carpet style that have these features in the busiest areas of your home will surely aid you in hiding dirt and footprints in a stylish way.

5.       Timbre Floorings

Using timbre flooring has always been a great way to add an earthy tone to your space. Instead of the traditional hardwood timbre, an engineered timbre flooring like the Plantino Engineered Oak has become a more viable option, as well as a perfect flooring solution for open spaces.

6.       Luxury Vinyl Planks

Opting for luxury vinyl planks is the best way to achieve timbre-looking floors for a cheaper price. Vinyl planks like the Genero Collection is among the flooring options capable of providing an easy to maintain flooring solution that can be taken for a real timbre flooring.

A good interior design starts from the floor going up. So, ensure that your flooring options matches the look that you want to achieve for your entire house by choosing one from the aforementioned flooring solution.


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