8 Major Reasons Why You Should Drink Alkaline Ionized Water

Toxins are the number one cause of aging and most types of diseases as what most Singapore health specialists say. They’re often the result of stress, pollution, and poor diet. Toxins can build up in the body causing damage to the cells that can lead to premature aging. The best way to fight these health effects and wash away the toxins in the body is to load up with antioxidants, which is richly found in alkaline water.


Change your water now and enjoy the benefits that alkaline ionized water can give to your health. Here are six of the major reasons why you should start drinking alkaline ionized water today.

1. It makes super hydration possible.

The ionization that happens as the water passes through an ionizing water filter makes the molecules much smaller, about five to six times smaller than that of conventional purified water. Because of this, water is much easier to absorb by the body, therefore promoting better health. According to Dr. Batmanghelidi, author of the book Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, 95% of diseases stem from chronic dehydration. The best way to fight this is consuming alkaline ionized water.

2. It promotes better detoxification.

Smaller molecular size also allows better detoxification. Larger molecules are a bit more difficult to absorb, therefore takes more time to remove accumulated toxins in the cells. The smaller molecules of ionized water from a source of alkaline purified water in Singapore allow faster absorption of nutrients to the cells and transport of toxins out of the body, while the larger molecules have difficult time doing both.

3. It aids weight loss.

Water, whether ionized or not, can aid weight loss. However, alkaline ionized water helps to stimulate and regulate metabolism much faster, as smaller molecular size means better mineral absorption. When losing weight, an active metabolism is very essential as it burns fat much faster; and the best way to achieve this is by drinking ionized water. Overall, it doesn’t only make losing weight easier, but also improve your body’s metabolic function.

4. It nourishes the immune system.

Water is an important element in keeping the immune system healthy. And since almost all of the body’s systems work better with better hydration, drinking alkaline water will definitely boost your immune system. Hexagonal water is found in great amounts in healthy DNA, which proves the effectiveness of ionized water in improving the immune system’s performance.


5. It gives more energy to the body.

The process of generating more energy is a hydrolytic process, which is a water process. Thus, with better hydration, the body has more energy. Also, another reason for getting more stamina and energy is the increased amount of oxygen in the body, which is found in great amounts in alkaline ionized water. Drinking ionized water can fill the body with up to 60% more oxygen than regular purified water.

6. It cleanses the body.

Drinking alkaline water with a pH level of 8.5 to 9.5 regularly washes away the wastes inside the body. With every glass of alkaline ionized water, it can breakdown accumulated fatty deposits; and continuous intake of the water will wash them away and excrete them through your urine.

7. Hexagonal water is the best water for humans.

Alkaline ionized water is smaller in molecular size and is reorganized into hexagonal molecules. So, this water isn’t only restructured into small molecular size, but is also reorganized into the most biologically friendly form. According to Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, one of the world’s most prominent water researchers, the water structure is the most important factor in water consumption. There’s just nothing better than filling your body up with hexagonal water every single day.

8. It is the most natural way to maintain the body’s alkalinity.

Drinking ionized water is the simplest way to help maintain the alkalinity of your body’s internal environment. Maintaining an alkaline level in the body is very much helpful for improved overall health. With the preservatives and artificial flavourings in our food today, it can be difficult to look for a non-acid producing food. Drink alkaline water as often as you can to enjoy better health.

More and more people in Singapore are discovering the wonders of alkaline ionized water. If you want to improve your heath, supercharge your immune system, and delay signs of aging, get yourself an ionizing water filter and reward your body with antioxidant-rich water.


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