File Server Needs Back-up

File server is storage of the important files, documents, movies, photos, games and many more. Instead on storing it inside the computers’ storage, it is stored to the network so that if ever the files are corrupted or lost, it can be easily retrieved. In using file server, you will be more confident on whatever will happen to your computer files. Even if files are lost or damaged in one computer unit, they can still be retrieved fully intact.

Who needs file servers?

Most of the time, file servers are used in private offices and also in schools because these places have the most files whether paper files or perhaps computer files. There are other methods to keep your files secured and there are many people who use it. However, it is not recommended. One of these methods are the use of a flash drives that can install a large size of computer files. Also, with the use of a back-up CD, storing of files are easier than using a flash drive. In Singapore, many people or business owners (small or big) use a dedicated dynaserver modern method of storing files.


Why is there a need to back-up a file server?

There are a lot of ways so that that files in the computer will not be lost or if it is lost, it can be retrieved immediately and accurately. That’s how it works. On the other hand, a dedicated file server in Singapore needs a backup system because there can also be a possibility that the server will destroy its files. However this is not the same as the fees saved in the flash drive or a compact disc. Since there are different types of file server, only few of them have programs that can perform back up to the stored files.


Advantages of using a file server

It’s a great advantage when a file server has back up programs or functions. For instance, file servers are connected to a network which means if you store a file in it, it will only be available or you can only download it, for example, photos and videos if it is connected n the internet. So, once file servers shuts down for no reason at all, the files inside cannot be seen, retrieved or get. Because file servers are very important to all offices, schools and other buildings, it is needed to be backed-up because important files are what a file server carries. Once it is lost, there will be a big problem not just for you but for other people who may have lost their files in the server. However, this scenario happens in rare cases.

In Singapore, the higher class of file servers are produced, and it has increased consistency and increased security in the files or data a person has. Even if it is said that it can give you confidence especially that it can retrieve a lost file, you still cannot predict what will happen. The best option for this is to secure more back-up so that the files are well protected and properly hidden.



The SGFP Challenge

Last September 14-15, 2013, SGFPC (Singapore Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge) took place. The motto is “partnership in readiness. The event was held at the Singapore Expo, Hall 1. Since this is a global event, there are many people who joined and presented their skills when it comes to challenges  based on real life scenarios. There were numerous activities to include:

Firefighter and Paramedic Challenge

The highlight was the firefighters and paramedics challenge where a Azmir Ali Ameer Ali won. The 27 year old firefighter who competed with 450 firefighters and paramedics around the world won in the international category. He also got the fastest time which is known as the Braveheart.

CERT  Battle

CERT battle comes in two forms Community Emergency Response Teams and Company Emergency Response Teams. Community ERT speaks of the community’s responsiveness when it comes to disasters while the Company ERT speaks of the company or organization’s preparedness when accidents happen in the workplace.

Learning Life Saving Skills

If you visited the event, you surely left with a lot of live saving skills. These skills can make or break you. For sure you learned things like methods used in rescuing persons in danger of drowning, recovering, resuscitating and many more.

Remember that we do not know when something will happen so it is better to be prepared and skilled. If things happen like fire, flood or earthquake, we have more chances of making it alive because we are knowledgeable. The information that you learned from the SGFPC and the CERT battle should be spread and shared. See you around next year!

6 Key Reasons to Join Wedding Portals

Wedding portals are specifically built for couples to aid wedding events planning. This kind of portal offer thousands of wedding ideas from vendors, page admins, forum members, and wedding-related articles posted in the site. Furthermore, the page also contains all the wedding details that are essential in organizing wedding events. With all the details already accessible and available for free, couples may no longer need the services of a professional wedding planner. So, aside from the given benefits, what are other more reasons why you need to join a wedding portal?

1. Get Your Planning Questions Answered

Whether you are personally planning your own wedding or you hired a professional planner to do everything for you, you’ll find wedding portals helpful in answering your big day questions. Through a portal’s forum section, you get to open up your concerns and questions that have been bugging you lately. You’ll also get to gather different ideas from different forum members and sources when discussing about a certain subject.

2. Save Money With Practical Wedding Solutions

Most weddings Singapore portals post wedding-related articles that can greatly help you in planning your wedding. Some of these articles talk about money saving tips, how to choose a wedding venue, how to plan your wedding, and many more relevant topics. Wedding portals also feature various wedding vendors that offer excusive discounts to portal members. Advices about economical wedding favors, wedding dresses, and wedding venue and banquet packages are all part of the benefits you can get when you join a wedding portal.

3. Meet Like-Minded People

Planning your wedding can be very stressful, but it isn’t a journey you have to face alone. If you’re one of those brides-to-be with partners who are not as involve in the whole wedding planning, which is said to be normal, meeting like-minded brides from perfect wedding forum singapore can greatly help to ease the burden. Connecting with other soon-to-be-brides and expressing out the stresses that wedding planning have caused can be actually gratifying. Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved.

4. Share Experiences And Feedbacks

Have you discovered a fabulous weddings Singapore venue or have experienced the services of an excellent food caterer? Why not shout it out and share your stories to let other soon-to-be-brides know of their superb services? By this, you can help other couples in making their most special day perfect.

5. Consult Wedding Queries To The Experts

If you’re planning your wedding by yourself, you may need the guidance and expertise of wedding professionals. By posting your queries to the page, the admins can take a look into it and answer them right there and then. No question is too big or too small to these experts, so you’re sure to get the best answers straight from the professionals.

6. Exclusive Discounts and Giveaways

Some well-established Singapore wedding portals feature a number of vendors that offer exclusive discounts to portal members when hired through the wedding portal. There are also wedding portals with exclusive discount section, which comprises a number of vendors offering the best wedding deals that the portal members can exclusively enjoy.

Encouraging Women to Stand Up

This year’s Aware (Association of Women for Action & Research) Heroine goes to Rachel Chung. The award recognizes the effort of Ms. Chung and her bravery to stand up against abuse. Ms. Chung experienced eight years of violent marriage. She finally filed her divorce when her then-husband tossed their daughter when the daughter tried to protect her.

She is now a counsellor who gives talks and shares her story with myriad women who suffer the same thing. Abuse is not new. Many women suffer abuse every day. It is important that they should be encouraged to stand up. What are helpful coping strategies for women who suffer abuse:

Support System

Many women do not stand up because they believe no one will understand or listen. That is where they are wrong. These days, there are many support groups or support system that they can lean on. Just think that you do not deserve to be treated that way and there are others who suffer the same pain.


Crying is not a sigh of weakness or yielding to the abuse. Sometimes we all need a good cry so we can pour out whatever we feel. Crying can help you feel better and lighter. If you have friends around, do not hesitate to cry in front of them.

Keep Busy

If you keep yourself busy, you can  cope up. You should choose activities that are beneficial for you. For example, you can exercise. You can also consider relaxation exercises like massage and yoga. You can sleep or think about your balanced diet. You can read, appreciate music and art and many more.

The abuse is not something that could perish after crying, talking about it or keeping busy. It will stay but it depends on us if we want to move on with our life. Coping with abuse may take weeks, months or even years. We have different paces so it is important that you find your own and take it slow.

What You Need To Know About PSI

We regularly receive PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) forecasts but there are others who do not understand it. They just go about their daily lives without bothering to check the PSI. You should be aware that PSI is developed by USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency). They developed a system that will effectively supply precise, apt and clear information pertaining to air pollution levels day by day.

The pollutants that are used in determining PSI index include ozone, sulphur, nitrogen and carbon dioxide and PM10. It is the monitoring stations scattered strategically in different parts of the city that measure these pollutants. They will release PSI value vis-à-vis PSI descriptor.

PSI Value and PSI Descriptor

PSI Value is from 0 to above 300. PSI descriptor is from Good to Hazardous. A PSI value corresponds to a PSI descriptor. 0-50 PSI value means ‘Good’, 51-100 PSI value means ‘Moderate’, 101-200 PSI value means ‘Unhealthy’, 201-300 PSI value means ‘Very unhealthy’ and above 300 PSI value means ‘Hazardous’.

Health Advisory

Together with the PSI value and descriptor, a health advisory is released. Health advisory is the way of the government to warn and protect the public. Health advisories are based on the PSI. It will give recommendations to ‘healthy persons’, ‘elderly, pregnant women and children’ and ‘persons with chronic lung disease, heart disease or stroke’ the best thing to do. The health advisory will tell you the best time to wear your N95 masks.

The Effects of Haze

Many people take haze lightly but in truth, haze can cause major health risks. Prolonged exposure to haze can affect the lungs and heart especially to those who have chronic lung or heart disease. It can also irritate the throat, eyes and nose.

Where to Learn How to Cook

Cooking is an essential in life. Cooking is not a talent but it is a skill. It simply means that you can learn how to cook if you are serious about it. It is not something innate that only few people can deliver. If at this point you want to learn how to cook, you can consider these cooking schools:

Palate Sensations Cooking School

Palate Sensations is located in Chromos, 10 Biopolis Road. It is a cooking school equipped with a kitchen concept by Brandt. Aside from the equipments, cooking lessons are taught by international chefs. They offer Asian, Italian, French, Pastry and Drink-making classes you can choose from. They are open from 12pm to 5pm every Monday-Friday. For more information, please call (+65) 6478-9745 to 746.

Coriander Leaf

Coriander Leaf is located in Merchant Court. It is considered as the best cooking school in Singapore with its famous chef-Chef Ahad. You can grab a delicious meal or you can learn how to cook. They are open from Monday-Thursday (12noon to 2pm and 6pm to 10pm) and Friday-Saturday (12noon to 2pm and 6pm to 10:30pm). For more information, please call (+65) 6732-3354.

Shermay’s Cooking School

Shermay’s is located in Chip Bee Gardens. Cooking lessons and workshops are facilitated by Singapore’s best chefs. You can simply choose what you want to learn- Asian and Western cuisines, bread making and pastries. If you want to purchase tools and equipments, the school set up retail shops that you can check. They are open from 10am to 8:30pm daily. For more information, please call (+65) 6479-8442.


ToTT (Tools of The Trade) is located in Dunearn Road. ToTT offers function halls for private parties, cooking classes and store selling different equipments and kitchen wares. They are open from Monday-Friday (11am to 9pm) and Saturday-Sunday (10am-9pm). For more information, please call (+65) 6219-7077.

If you don’t want to go to any cooking schools, you can simply ask your mother to teach you. Cooking is fun if you give it a chance. You will surely feel proud when you created something delicious. You should enjoy the process!

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