What is Dopamine and How Can You Make the Most of It

What is dopamine and why is it so important? Well, here’s why. Dopamine is a hormone produced by our body that gives us the feeling of happiness and fulfillment. Now this hormone is the main reason why we feel emotionally happy or up. Basically when we lack dopamine, we experience sad or down emotions. This is why this hormone is very important. There are a lot of other uses of this hormone but let’s keep it simple.

This is all you need to know about dopamine to make it important. Dopamine comes in so many forms. Sugar and coffee can trigger dopamine production and this is why too much sugar makes us experience a sugar high. We become more energetic and feel more positive when we produce more dopamine in our body. Sadly, this is an unnatural way of increasing dopamine production within our body which means that this doesn’t have a good effect in the long run.

One reason most people experience low dopamine in their body is because of the irregularity of dopamine production within the body. When our body is used to instant gratification, our body’s expectation of dopamine becomes higher and thus makes us crave for more dopamine within the body. This can be very dangerous because if the bar is set higher, the easier it is for us to feel down and sad.

Taking care of our body and our emotions means taking care of our protein production. Don’t underestimate the power of dopamine! If you are experiencing lack of motivation, low self-esteem, and basically feeling down most of the time, this may be caused by irregular dopamine production within your body and instead of finding an instant fix or an instant way of increasing the dopamine within your body, why not increase your natural dopamine production?

Increasing the natural production of dopamine in your body to reach a state of equilibrium could be pretty hard but definitely not impossible! A lot of people have been able to get themselves out of depression because of how they learned about dopamine and did their research in countering irregular dopamine production.

Even if most people blame it on the culture and the norms of the food we eat, the activities we do, and even the instant availability of information, there are still a lot of reasons as to why most people nowadays experience irregular dopamine production. Learn how to conquer your problems instead of escaping from them. The more you try to escape from your problems, the stronger they become and the more they will haunt you. Learn to fight your problems by tackling the source of you feeling down, dopamine!

Facial Workout to Enhance Your Face

At some point, we have experienced working our ass off at the gym to get our ideal weight and targeted physique. We probably even have specific routines carefully designed to tone arms, abs, legs and shoulders. All of these target the body, but have you ever thought about exercises for your face? Did you know that, similar to the context of calisthenics, your face deserves the same amount of attention, too? Indeed—there is this thing called facial work-out aimed at tightening and toning your features!


In Singapore, several aesthetic procedures are requested by clients in order to achieve a more youthful look. In fact, Singaporeans use filler injections to deal with eye bags (since it’s usually associated with ageing) by making the lower eye lid pop out to have that young looking face. But with the aid of do-it-yourself facial routines, you neither pay for anything nor endure some kind of pain. They are very easy to do and you don’t need to sweat off doing them because they are so simple and highly doable. Here are the top facial routines.

Raise Your Cheeks for Toning

This aims to target the muscles in your cheeks. You should start by gently pressing down your cheeks with the help of your fingers and raise your cheeks muscle at the same time, repeat this routine ten times each day. Through constant effort, your cheeks will appear firmer and higher thus, you will look younger.

Also, if you wish to have your cheeks in great shape, flash a smile with your mouth closed while sucking your cheeks in and maintaining that smile! It’s pretty hard though but that is when you know it is working.

Lift Your Lip Up

Pout your lips it’s as if you are about to kiss someone and lift the pucker in the direction of your nose then hold it for at least ten seconds. This can be done on a daily basis or few times a week. This should help your lips from becoming wrinkly or worse, saggy.


Relax Your Neck

The neck, undeniably, is one of the main areas that will reflect your age so you do not want it to appear saggy. First, try to get comfortable by sitting down and pointing your head back, you may close your eyes and just relax for few seconds. Afterwards, lift your lower lip over the upper one and hold it for few seconds. Repeat this routine at least ten times every day.

Do the Forehead Move

To make your forehead look young and firm, lift your forehead, raising your eyebrows for few seconds. For noticeable results, observe this move at least ten times a week and you will see a younger and fresher forehead look!

Eye Attention Movements

This exercise is not only aimed at keeping your eye in shape but also to relieve it from stress and improve vision. You can start by rolling your eyes, look up and move in a circular motion ten times in a clock wise direction and another repeat counter clockwise.

To achieve a firm and toned eye area, gently press and massage your temples with the help of your fingers and start blinking your eyes for five times.


Hot Water versus Cold Water

Our life is not complete without taking a bath especially here in Singapore.  Some prefer hot water when taking a bath others cold water. Whatever we choose, there are benefits behind it. Here are the benefits:

shower (1)

Hot Water

If we have heater, hot water is accessible all the time but if we do not have one, we can make most of our stoves. Hot water relaxes the muscles and it can lower body tension. Aside from that, it can also alleviate migraine and reduce swelling. It does not end there because hot water can act as nasal decongestant. For those who are particular about the skin, hot water can in fact open the pores and cleanses the skin by removing the toxins.


Cold water

If we want to take a bath with cold water, it is as easy as turning on our shower and feel its tickle. Cold water has its own benefits. It can stimulate the immune system. Cold water can also increase our alertness and frees our mind. Believe it or not, cold water can prevent colds. It can also stimulate anti-depression hormones. For those who have metabolism issues, cold water can actually accelerate metabolism. Cold water is also good for the skin as it tightens it. For Singaporeans who are suffering from hair loss, cold water can reduce it.

Taking a bath not only freshen the body but the mind as well. Going to work or doing activities seem to be easy if our body is ready and comfortable. Regardless of our preference, the important thing here is we take a bath every day.


Tips on Maintaining Healthy Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is also the most exposed part of the body, most prone to injuries and most vulnerable to effects of the environment. Because of these, people must learn how to keep their skin healthy.

Tips To Maintain Healthy Pores

One must start from within in making the skin healthy. This means that a person must learn to take in food which will make the skin healthy instead of harming it. Hydration is the first way of making sure that you have a healthy skin. Drink enough water; eight to 10 glasses as prescribed by experts. Fruit juices are also deemed helpful not only because it hydrates the skin, but because it helps in detoxifying the body because of its high fibre content. Green leafy vegetables are also encouraged to be eaten for the skin to be glowing and naturally radiant.


Decrease your intake of foods high in sugar, caffeine and alcoholic chemicals. All of this contributes to the dulling of the skin. Too much intake of sweets increases the amount of magnesium in the body affecting the skin. Acne breakout is more common to people who takes in too much sugar. Caffeine and alcoholic chemicals interrupts rest and sleep of a person, and that will affect the skin.

Aside from food, one should also maintain a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and relaxation. Make sure that you sweat and exercise often so that the toxins in your body can be released. Relaxation is also needed every once in a while. All of these are beneficial for the skin.


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