Hot Water versus Cold Water

Our life is not complete without taking a bath especially here in Singapore.  Some prefer hot water when taking a bath others cold water. Whatever we choose, there are benefits behind it. Here are the benefits:

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Hot Water

If we have heater, hot water is accessible all the time but if we do not have one, we can make most of our stoves. Hot water relaxes the muscles and it can lower body tension. Aside from that, it can also alleviate migraine and reduce swelling. It does not end there because hot water can act as nasal decongestant. For those who are particular about the skin, hot water can in fact open the pores and cleanses the skin by removing the toxins.


Cold water

If we want to take a bath with cold water, it is as easy as turning on our shower and feel its tickle. Cold water has its own benefits. It can stimulate the immune system. Cold water can also increase our alertness and frees our mind. Believe it or not, cold water can prevent colds. It can also stimulate anti-depression hormones. For those who have metabolism issues, cold water can actually accelerate metabolism. Cold water is also good for the skin as it tightens it. For Singaporeans who are suffering from hair loss, cold water can reduce it.

Taking a bath not only freshen the body but the mind as well. Going to work or doing activities seem to be easy if our body is ready and comfortable. Regardless of our preference, the important thing here is we take a bath every day.


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