How Microbiome Shape Attraction

We will be surprised that attraction transcends to more than charm, good looks and intelligence. According to research, microbes (which is known collectively as microbiome) play a role in attraction and possibly love. We have to know that our body is home to more than one hundred trillion of microbes.


The truth is, microbes outnumber human cells in the body. Recently, researchers are looking into these organisms and how they affect immune system and the human metabolism. According to Dr. William Miller, these microbes have effects on sexual attraction.

We do not realize this yet but microbiomes play a significant role in attraction. There was a study concluded in November 2014. The study involved Dutch scientists and they discovered that couples have common microbial communities found in their mouths. The scientists also revealed that a ten-second kiss can transmit up to millions of bacteria in the mouth.


Researchers asked about the couple’s kissing habits and swabbed the mouths of the couples to conclude their bacterial makeup. The research showed that the more the couples kissed, the more alike their microbial communities are. In addition to their research, the scientists also discovered that the bacteria in the tongues of the couple are alike than their saliva.

What does this say? This says that in the near future we may be looking unto dating profiles with microbial composition. Whatever the future holds, the couples are better finding it for themselves. There are indeed hidden and unknown forces that govern sexual attraction. We have to accept that and let the nature takes its course.


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