How to Handle Online Harassment



1. Save a copy

You may be angry and frustrated when you feel harassed but remember to save a copy of the message, video or photo. Deleting the evidence is a bad idea. You have to copy the URL of the website or get a screenshot of the webpage.

2. Call the website operators

When there is an unpleasant content, you should call the website operators right away and tell them to take down the content. If they are not reluctant, you should be persistent and let them know that you are filing a case.


3. File a report

If the police have internet crime division, you can file a report or complaint there. They will get to the bottom of this but if there is no internet crime division, the police cannot do anything except if there is an imminent threat on your life.

These may sound simple but you will be surprised how these things can help you. When you feel that you are experiencing online harassment or cyber bullying, the best thing to do is not waste your energy by communicating to the harasser. It is recommended that you do not communicate with the harasser because it will only make things worse. You will feel more troubles and uneasy.

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