Meanings of Popular Wedding Flowers and How to Use Them for Your Wedding

Choosing the flowers for your bridal bouquet doesn’t have to turn into such a stressful experience. You can always start off with incorporating your favorite flowers and work your way from there. To some brides-to-be, there might also be flowers they hold dear than most. Perhaps this flower contains cherished memories; such as being the very first flower given by their fiancée on their first date or being their mother’s favorite flower. It would be a nice homage to include them in your bouquet or floral decor.

Most bouquets sold by a wedding florist are anchored on the theme of love. To commemorate such a special event in a person’s life, it is important to include flowers which have romantic meanings and associations over the years. You can always go on with your personal interpretation of your desired bouquet, but allowing your florist to help you choose your wedding flowers is also one great option. If anything, your florist will help you bring your dream bouquet to life.

Your choices can range from a variety of sensational flowers, from the humble daisy to the beautiful rose. Getting inspired by mood boards in online aesthetic sites such as Pinterest can be of great help in brainstorming ideas, but nothing beats personally consulting a wedding florist. Keep in mind that your bridal flowers aren’t limited to your bouquet alone — it also involves your centerpiece flowers and even your wedding car decor.


Orchids are among the popular choices for wedding flowers especially in tropical countries. A number of brides in Singapore have also chosen this unique flower for its inherent charm and appeal. Orchids are known to symbolically represent beauty, which makes it fitting to have in one’s wedding. They also range in several varieties which you can choose from, available in shades of white, purple, and green.

They are often used in traditional and modern-themed weddings. As it remains a popular choice, a bridal bouquet shop for brides in Singapore that has orchids are notably breathtaking when used as part of full floral arrangements or minimalist single stems.


Peony is a flower which symbolizes happiness, which makes it a relevant option for a wedding. Aside from being a part of the bridal bouquet, the blooms are also a popular option for a wedding car decor. It’s not a surprise why it became a staple for bridal flowers. Peonies are composed of full flowers with fluffy and soft petals, and their size easily helps in filling a floral arrangement.

These are perfect for weddings with pale themes, especially because peonies combine well with light-colored arrangements. Not only that, the flowers also smell fragrant.


Daisies are one of the humble options for your floral decor. They come in a variety of sizes with colors you can choose from accordingly, making it a traditional and iconic bridal bloom. If your wedding takes on a vintage theme, the charm of daises is perfect in adding a nice nostalgic touch to the event. The flower is also associated with purity and innocence, making it a sought-after choice among Singapore brides for many years.

The blooms are not only lovely, but they are also noted to be low-maintenance. Whether you choose the iconic white and yellow daisies or opt for the bright and cheerful colors of gerbera daisies, it is undoubtedly a good choice for your wedding.


A romantic symbol, roses are certainly famous in every bridal bouquet. Roses symbolize love, hence it’s not merely a beautiful statement but it is also meaningful. Although they are pricey around certain seasons, the gorgeousness of these flowers are worth it. The inclusion of roses in your wedding flowers also easily give off the idea that something special is happening. Fortunately, the blooms are available in a rainbow-like choice of colors. Roses also pair well with other flowers, making it stress-free on your part to create luscious and lovely wedding flower arrangements.

Roses are also of sturdy nature. In fact, they are considered to be sturdier than other roses, which makes them a good option for corsages and boutonnieres. They are also perfect for elevated and hanging arrangements.


A few stems of hydrangea easily fills up your centerpiece or any other wedding floral decor. With a variety of shades to work with, your wedding florist knows how to make use of these flowers to achieve volume and desired texture in your floral arrangements. Hydrangeas are also flexible in terms of style and theme, making it compatible to incorporate in almost all weddings.

These blooms are perfect among tall and exquisite table arrangements. Additionally, it brings a hint of magical touch especially when arranged on a glass jar. Hydrangeas are also noted to be friendly among people with certain flower allergies.


Another wedding blooms staple, carnations are among the well-loved flowers by many brides in Singapore. The flowers are notably affordable (in comparison with other popular blooms) and they are available in a myriad of colors for you to freely choose from. Thanks to their sturdy nature, carnations are often incorporated in various flower arrangements such as flower ball centerpieces and ceremonial stage back drops.

These blooms have an inherent ruffled texture, adding a perfect texture when it comes to vintage-themed table centerpieces. If you can’t afford an arrangement composed entirely of pricey roses, carnations are also considered a great alternative. The good news is: they also blend well with roses!

Choosing the perfect flowers for your weddings blooms can get overwhelming at some point. It is only understandable, since you are presented a myriad options and you may end up liking more than one floral arrangement. Regardless, you don’t have to be a flower expert to sort out the predicament of your wedding flowers. With the help of a florist, you can easily work your way with the flowers you like, flowers which are friendly on your budget, and flowers which work well with your theme. Take it from there!

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