Relationship for Keeps: Why the Funny Guy?

There is no denying that in the dating scene, physical attraction is pretty important as it what draws attention and energy. But after some quantifiable amount of time, his looks start to fade and you don’t feel physically drawn to him as much as you were the first time you met. When you spend some time alone, you realize that you are just left with a hot stud with a dry personality, then, you begin to question yourself how on earth did you end up with him in the first place?


Most quality women in today’s generation are self-sufficient and smart in finding out who is more worthy of their time and the criteria doesn’t highlight good looks—alone. Well, the list of preference varies from every girl but one thing is for sure, she wants a man who can make her happy. How a girl loves to smile and more so, laugh at any second! In fact, a good sense of humor is one of the top three qualities that Singaporean women look for in a man. According to, women find it irresistibly sexy when a guy is able to see the light-side of things by joking without anyone’s expense. It also shows that the guy has in good control of his emotions especially in his responses when confronted with unwanted circumstances.

Not only funny guys are packed with laughter and good vibes, but they also make good partners that will make the relationship last. Here are the reasons why:

1. The funny guy will get your humor. A guy with dull personality will not get your jokes; you might even hear him saying, “Excuse me?” But, a funny guy will get each word right from the moment you threw them from your mouth and will give you a comeback without skipping a beat! More so, he won’t get offended because he is made out of sarcasm, too! He will teach you how to be comfortable being around him and that there is no need to pretend like, you are the overly prim and proper woman who can’t throw some joke.


2. The funny guy will not get offended. When you make fun of this guy, he will not get upset because he knows how to take a joke and most importantly, he is able to laugh at himself, too! It also goes to show that he doesn’t take himself seriously and people who can actually do that are worth keeping.

4. The funny guy will teach you how to laugh at yourself. He will educate you on how to learn humility by being able to laugh and make fun of yourself, too. He will make you feel that it is perfectly FINE to laugh and be silly. When you two can make fun of each other, laugh and giggle, the level being comfortable will grow in leaps and bounds because he becomes your comfort zone.

5. The funny guy will always have something new to the table. Funny guys usually surprise their SO with their humor, what they have to say is not always predictable and that they will never be boring. In turn, there is always some sort of excitement and something to look forward to.

6. The funny guy will make you happy. Need to say more? When you are constantly laughing and smiling while you are around this guy, how could you not be that happy? The funny guy will let you figure out that you have finally met someone whom you can be completely yourself thus, you develop trust. He will teach you what love, really is and that he will stick to you. These are something worth treasuring for than a model-like boyfriend with the driest personality.


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